My next Linux laptop (must be 1kg max and I will anyway reinstall @regolith on top).

Need thin, light, best battery and best keyboard.

@ploum Thinkpad X1 just because I'm very biased™.

Though, I take repairability and parts availability in general at a priority. So, I would choose the Thinkpad just because of that.

@yuki_is_bored : I also want it but, as it's the most expensive, I'm trying to justify the need ;-)

@yuki_is_bored @ploum news Thinkpads X have soldered memory and pretty much no repairability while the Clevo NL41CU (The laptop system76 resell for hundreds bucks more to put their logo on) should have memory slots and the net is full of the components used for thoses given the model is a bit popular in the ressellers area (origin pc/system76/pcspecialist/tuxedocomputer/...)

@Miaourt @yuki_is_bored : thanks for the information. I was indeed very surprised at all those laptop "makers" and I was assuming it was a white label.

@ploum @yuki_is_bored system76 do have the merit to try to tweak stuff software side, but afaik you can install their opensource firmware on top of a clevo laptop sourced somewhere else, given you have the very same model (pretty hard to really know, as you might have already seen vendors try to not make the clevo model stand out)

Ya might have better luck with tuxedocomputer than system76, it's German so import fees aren't big, maybe even but I never tried them

@nicosomb @regolith : non, toujours pas acheté. Enfin, si j'ai acheté un Starlabs très bon marché mais c'est pas tenable de bosser toute la journée sur un bon marché. (trop de problème hardware, touchpad inutilisable, batterie déjà morte après 6 mois, etc)

@ploum @nicosomb @regolith x1 carbon qui date de novembre 2017 et toujours au top

I juste recieved a Galago Pro from System76. It's a real pain to make it work fine with Regolith IMO, I've tried with the Regolith ISO or with Regolith DE on top of PopOS and there are bugs all over the place in both cases

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