How to read your Twitter timeline through your RSS reader (and avoid being sucked into a time wasting universe).

1. Write the twitter accounts you follow, separated by a coma and without the @. becomes : ploum,korben,GeoffreyDorne

2. Add a Nitter URL before and a /rss after to make :,korben,/rss

(it can be as long as you want. You can make several if easier)

3. Add it to your RSS reader (I'm using on


Bonus: Twitter doesn't track you anymore!

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I will try to use Twitter that way for one week. So don't expect replies.

I may still be on Mastodon in the meantime if you want to chat :

But an email is still the best way to contact me.

Don't forget to add the Firefox extension "Nitter redirect". This allows you to see a tweet if clicking on a link but you can't access Twitter anymore.

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