Very good read about Zoom :

TL;DR: It's worse than your worst nightmare. If you refuse to use something for valid reason, you are a prick. If you can't use a proper solution for lack of education, everybody else will adapt.

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sorry, I wanted to ping and you were the line just below.

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@ploum Niiicce! This is what I think everytime my friends drag me on "amazing" social shit, like Facebook & Whatsapp, Twitter or Discord. I might just refer to this toot of yours quite often.

Can't get the link to open. Says "too many redirects".

@DHeadshot : seems on your side. Direct link to article.

I tried on my Desktop and it worked. Seems to just be mobiles? Though I opened it on my phone in different browsers and at times with the "request desktop page" ticked and it still failed?

It's not a high quality article for me. For example, it highlights : Zoom can take the video from your private calls and use it to sell ads. But to my knowledge zoom doe not displays ads. It's business model is selling zoom pro licenses.
The same for sending personal data to Facebook. I use it on Linux and gave him zero data. Just click on the visioconf link. Not the same story for WhatsApp, Skype....

@matclab : the point is that you don't need to give it data. It takes them by itself once installed on your computer (from what I've read). And the lousy security means that, even if they don't use it now, some could (and actually are) do it.

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