I would like to boycott Recaptcha but can't find a good way to do it.

@Roland : no, I mean : boycotting websites using it. I will never put it on a website I own!

I'm interested in learning about those good alternatives... I didn't find a good one that works more than a few weeks...

@ploum Me too, as recaptcha trains the google AI at the expense of our time. But as it is a pain, if you are in a browser logged in a google account, then the recaptcha usually just consists in ticking a box. No image to sort/select. So the solution is to create a dummy google account in a specific firefox session.

Wish there was 403 error server side.

403 Not authorized.

Your web page could not be shown to @ploum because it uses Recaptcha, and the user is GAFAMless.

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