I remove all the accounts I don't use or I don't want to use (like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc).

Today, I also removed my Diaspora account.

This is a bit sad because I would have been happy to see this project being widely successful. But I'm not happy with it so better leave it.

Goodbye friend!

Any efficient way to find on which websites/services you are registered? By memory? Scrolling emails?

@ewen : 3 sources:

- my password manager (400 accounts !)
- Google linked accounts
- Facebook linked accounts

@ploum Could you please elaborate a bit? I'm not using open source federated social networks yet (except for Mastodon sometimes), how Diaspora has been disappointing to you?

@ploum So what is it about it that makes you unhappy?

@hellpe : the fact that I don't use it ;-)

Nearly no interaction on it while it's vivid here on Mastodon. The project has not evolved in years and the users around me were more and more inactive. The few active users were also active here.

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