hey @purism, do you have any plan to release a smaller/lighter/fanless laptop?

I don't care about performance but portability is paramount for me. 1.4kg is quite heavy when on your back the whole day.

A 1kg fan less and smaller purism laptop would be my dream :-)

@purism : I realise that USB-C charging is also paramount in order to have only one power plug in my bag…

@ploum You mean you set your usual keyboard type and then type without ever watching?
I never thought about doing that, maybe I would be able too. But that means only people able to do so might use this computer...

@FredricT : c'est impossible de taper rapidement en utilisant la mémoire visuelle. Les dactylos ont toujours appris en aveugle pour exercer la mémoire musculaire.

Et puis quand qqn veut utiliser ton laptop, tu swiches la disposition en un clic.

@FredricT @ploum Is there any way to get rid of the touchpad and switch to a trackpoint ?

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