Followed a link an ended on a Medium story that sounded interesting about digital minimalism. Turns out it was empty and I didn't learn anything. Clicked on a second link. Also a Medium story. Can't read it because it seems I've had my quota of 3 story a month.


That's why Medium is becoming a bad actor destroying the web as we knew it. Please don't publish on Medium.

Will myself migrate to @writeas__

Shit, I have a medium blog.

I should migrate to a federated blog. Anyone you can recommend?

Note, right now I'm poor AF and can barely pay the rent. I literally cannot afford a paid blog.

@rick_777 : @write_as is awesome as it syncs with the Fediverse.

There's a paid plan but you can use it freely. Ask @matt

@ploum @write_as @matt No way to insert pictures >_<

I don't think it'll be useful to me.

@rick_777 @write_as @matt is working integrating with @snap_as . Not sure if it's already finished.

@ploum You can add to that the fact that Medium has deactivated all the tools that allowed cross-posting to it.

So, yeah. It was a short ride for me (a bit more that eight months), but I also quit.

@Alias : seriously? I thought that my blog plugin was simply broken. Any link explaining that?

I seriously recommend @write_as 🙂

@Alias @write_as : better have a look at @writefreely , the software behind

@ploum @write_as No link that I know. The plugin actually stopped working sometimes in 2018 because it was not supported anymore, but someone found a fix. But then, in early 2019, event that stopped working.

I'll check that.

@ploum @write_as On the other hand, I already have a blogging platform. I was more looking for a community to multiply my posts.

@Alias @write_as : the community of is… the fediverse. And that's awesome. Continue to post here. Medium is becoming the bastard child of Twitter and Linkedin, Linkedin for the cool guys.

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