Any feedback on using @write_as as a blogging plateform instead of Wordpress? Any success stories to share?

@ploum @write_as
correct me if I'm wrong, but write_as does not seem to be free software. That might be a showstopper (it is for me).

@ploum @write_as If you use or are OK with MarkDown, it's pretty much a dream. I wanted exactly this product - turn plain MarkDown into clean blog posts. There's no formatting toolbar; that doesn't bother me, but it might bother you.

If you have a Pro account, I know you can style the blog with CSS; I only am on a Casual and can't really speak to that.
Here's a longform post I wrote with


@microwavenby @write_as : I'm looking for a MD platform but, ideally, I could write it locally and have it sync with the website.

@ploum What software do you like to write with on your machine?

Between our API ( and command-line tool, I might be able to quickly wire something up for you -- or at least point you in the right direction.


@write_as @ploum oh hot darn the ability to treat each blog as a git repo or something would be rad

@microwavenby I've made a note of this as an idea on our public roadmap:

I think that'd be pretty awesome too! And definitely doable with the way the platform is set up 👍


@write_as @microwavenby : can be installed on my own server?

@ploum Not yet -- the goal is to go free / open source by the end of the year. A little more info here:


@ploum Very cool. Well I took a look and it doesn't seem like there's any way to directly extend it -- short of them integrating directly with, automatic syncing would mean something like us integrating with Dropbox or iCloud.

But for now, you could always use the post importer utility we have here:

It lets you import plain text / Markdown files directly from your computer.


@write_as @microwavenby : a simple command line tool is excellent for my needs.

But what happens if I modify a post later? (usually to correct a typo)

@ploum This tool is made mostly for importing posts, so it's not really built for updates. Our full-featured CLI ( would be more for the entire process of updating and managing posts, but unfortunately it doesn't support accounts/blogs yet. So I'd say once that support is there, that'd be the best tool to use for your whole workflow.


@write_as @microwavenby : if your are interested, I can share you all my "requirements" and wishes to see if we share a common vision.

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