We are in 2018 and I still haven't found any calendar app that:
- Allows you to see other calendars (like your SO) without considering you busy and reminding you of those events like they are yours.
- Doesn't wake you up at midnight because that friend birthday is *today*!

@ploum hmmm, I'm afraid Google calendar does all of those. But it's Google.

@matclab : nope. If your SO share his/her calendar with you, you can either hide it completely or have it considered as one of your main calendar.

The switch between the two is hidden in 3 layers of preferences (so you can't have a quick glance at it).

@ploum @matclab Ahhh you may be right. I only accessed secondary shared calendars, not main one. Perhaps it explains the difference in behaviour.

@ploum Totally agree on the first item! That’s a shame!

I've been using Etar and the default Lineage OS calendar app. None of them wake me for birthdays or consider them as busy events. My calendars are all imported from a CalDAV server which also integrate some from Google.

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