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Nice to see being showcased in the favourite digital tools session at

I think I have learned to stay cool-headed about this, but it still remains an internal emotional rollercoaster 😄

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And the deluge of critical issues in is starting - they all feel so important when I see them harassing users in flesh and blood!

Ok, so, let's see if this works... Rallying call for all #fediverse citizens at #Dataharvest later this week! Anyone listening here? #dataharvest2022

I am at in this week! Give me a shout if you are around, for instance to talk about :)

Do you use #OpenRefine? Then help the community by filling in the two-yearly user survey. More answers from people doing #datajournalism and #openscience would be especially valuable, so please boost if you have followers in those fields.

It is surprisingly straightforward to move a mailing list from Google Groups to #Mailman 3

Documented the entire process at <>.

Heute haben @acka47 und Fabian Steeg im Rahmen eines Kolloquiums der Professur Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte am Institut für Geschichte der Uni Halle-Wittenberg eine Präsentation gehalten zum Thema "Integration externer Normdatenquellen für Abgleich und Anreicherung lokaler Daten in #OpenRefine". Danke für die Einladung, es war eine sehr nette Runde. Folien: #reconciliation

OpenRefine team start hosting monthly online office hours for Wikimedians who use (or are curious about) OpenRefine. The 1st one is already next week: Tue March 22, at 9AM UTC. Zoom link at Timing of sessions will vary to cover other timezones

Hey. Please make and take care of good relationships with decent people.

Just found another person from my past has fallen prey to their own mind in isolation 😞

An initiative to make API terms of service machine readable: They have a survey you can take to help them understand the real needs.

Now hiring!

The #Inkscape project is seeking to fill a 12-month contract position for a Project Coordinator.

You'll find more details here:

#FLOSS #collaboration #job #inkscape

"How to sanctions-check a spreadsheet using ", by : It looks great, for me it is a good source of motivation to keep working on the API and OpenRefine itself :)

Ein neues LütziNews ist da!!!

- Völlig losgelösst - Wie RWE den Lössboden zerstört || 06.12.21 -

Our new open-access journal for all of theoretical computer science is now online: Submit your best papers, get feedback quickly (<3 month for the first round of peer review), articles are free to read and free to publish. :) More info:

Having a great time with developers, learning about their setup and sharing experiences with . We have lots of things in common, it is a really good synergy.

RT @fagerving
"in the beginning was Chaos, then God created @OpenRefine "

Im ZBIW-Fortbildungsprogramm 1.2022 ist das lobid-Team zum 2. Mal durch @acka47
& Fabian Steeg vertreten mit dem Seminar "Offene Infrastruktur für bibliothekarische Daten: Linked Open Data, JSON & #OpenRefine
in der Praxis" am 10.02.2022, 10.00-16.00:

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