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Today I tried to submit a patch to … what a journey! Learning about first, then trying to install all the build dependencies and miserably failing >_< I still submitted my untested patch without much hope…

It looks like they are a bit stuck in the environment and want to move to web-based…

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Adopt an project: , a fantastic graph visualization tool, whose development seems to have stalled

Today I discovered , a package manager, which you are supposed to install with `curl -sSL… | python -`. So you write a package manager but you don't think it is worth it? Really?

Adopting abandoned FOSS projects to maintain them is a rewarding experience. I hope this could happen to ,, because it's a great tool.

I just don't want to count the number of repositories I need to migrate out of after their princing update. I am still hoping for a quick U-turn on their side, otherwise I will hardly do anything else this month.

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En collaboration avec @TelecomParis_ notre équipe @ENS_ULM/@INS2I_CNRS/@Inria @InriaValda remporte un projet #scienceouverte @ouvrirlascience pour le développement de @disseminOA permettant de déposer les travaux de recherche dans des archives ouvertes.

I have set up a load balancer for the first time (for the service) and what a satisfaction! It works!

Under the hood, it uses fancy Python3 , a nice revival of cooperative multitasking. What else would you expect for a collaborative knowledge base, after all?

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A new reconciliation service is here: It should be faster and more robust.

What do folks use as servers to synchronize their calendars across machines? I would prefer not having to set up a Google Calendar for that…

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