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I have been doing a bit of mapping there and I like the feeling of digital rambling it gives… it's a fun way to travel :)

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Happy to be doing an OpenRefine workshop at SWIB (Semantic Web in Libraries) in November. Including reconciliation with Wikidata and GND, publishing data on Wikidata and mapping & exporting data as RDF. Very excited!
Registration for #swib19 is open: Take a look at this year's programme:

In so many cases the maintainer has moved on and is no longer interested. We really need mechanisms to make project ownership more fluid. GitHub's notion of fork does not solve the problem, although it is a good first step: ownership of the package on PyPI / npm / other platforms is the key.

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How wonderful is it when you make a PR to an upstream library and it gets reviewed, merged and released in a timely manner? With constructive comments and improvements from the maintainer? It is so rare!

I'm looking for tooling (#Bash #Python #OpenRefine etc.) that processes Excel-formatted exports from Web of Science or similar into #DSpace-compatible CSVs.

Processing steps include: Renaming & subsetting columns, renaming to match #DublinCore fields, harmonising author names, retrieving missing info via #DOI-APIs etc.

Would be a neat programming lessons, but I'm looking for tried-and-tested code for production.

Please boost! 1k thanks for any hints 🙂 #Code4Lib #DataScience #LibraryCarpentry

Learning about and . Pretty mind blowing! I think rewriting 's GREL with Truffle would be a good first exercise.

Très bon papier dans le dernier @mdiplo sur la dématérialisation, l’illectronisme, et les services publics

« Ajouter des nouvelles voies sur la route pour résoudre les embouteillages, c’est comme défaire se ceinture pour résoudre l'obésité » — Lewis Mumford, 1955


Sortie en beta test de csv-gg. Ce nouvel outil vous permet de créer un fichier CSV valide selon les spécifications d’un schéma référencé sur Retours utilisateurs bienvenus ! On prend aussi les félicitations sur le logo 😇



Presenting a model of workflows at the Applied Category Theory conference on Friday. It gives a 3D representation of a composition of operations and facets:

@Phyks tu sais si brouter prend en compte les restrictions de bifurcation ?

"A survey of OpenRefine reconciliation services" by @pintoch:

With first considerations of a reconciliation API that lets clients do the global scoring in a flexible manner based on servers providing field-level scores. Also mentioning lobid-gnd reconciliation service. ;-)

> Too many students write theses that achieve nothing other than meet the requirement for the degree they are seeking. When there are so many important questions, in a wide range of fields, that need to be answered, that's a terrible waste of time and intelligent, creative energy.


Interested in entity on the web? Then join the Entity Community Group!

Starting with the reconciliation , we will document, improve and hopefully standardize a protocol to do entity matching at scale on the web.

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