@Harmonia_Amanda oui: "Reconcile" -> "Actions" -> "Create a new item for each cell" (en ayant appliqué au préalable une facette ne sélectionne que les cellules non matchées)

V pleased to say this includes OpenRefine - so looking forward to working on this. We're going to be working to attract new contributors by improving documentation, and implementing a new data model to improve the scalability, transparency, and reproducibility of OR workflows.
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Researchers need the best tools to advance their work in science and medicine. We’re proud to fund 40+ #opensource software…

got funding from CZI for 2020 and I'll be working with @ostephens to do a big overhaul to the project.
Very exciting!

@LucasWerkmeister ah but that's great then - with the assumption that an edit group belongs to a single user, we can use Special:Contributions then! Adding that to the Phab ticket

@LucasWerkmeister very nice indeed! :) I guess there is still the slight issue that at the moment, viewing tagged edits only works off the recent changes, whereas we probably want to be able to view all edits in a given group for a longer time than 30 days… so subtags would need to work in a slightly different way, perhaps?

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Announcing a programme of @thecarpentries@twitter.com Library Carpentry workshops at @EdinburghUni@twitter.com, hosted in collaboration with @natlibscot@twitter.com, @CRC_EdUni@twitter.com, & @edcarp2@twitter.com.
Workshops on Python and R for Libraries, OpenRefine, and more.
Book a place (UoE login required): events.ed.ac.uk/index.cfm?even

@shisma @LucasWerkmeister it would make a lot of sense! Do you think it should be done in the same tool instance, or by deploying one instance per wiki? github.com/Wikidata/editgroups

Now in hackathon mode in the Edison room - join in with your own dataset!

@acka47 @literarymachine hmmm I was not shown that part of the building! I am on the ground floor at the entrance, I'll see if I can migrate

@acka47 @literarymachine I might not be able to make it as my train was massively delayed so I am just checking in now and might need a bit more sleep tomorrow morning ^^ we'll see how it goes

Excited to head to for this week. Hit me up if you are around! (P.S.: I have 💎 stickers!)

@acka47 @literarymachine great! I am a volunteer at so I will go there earlier but I can surely meet up with you both in the morning :)

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Very Proud to organize a thematic track @fosdem@twitter.com this year about Open Research Tools & Technologies!

We welcome talks about created and used in academic research, investigative journalism, NGOs fieldwork, etc.

Conf at Brussels on 2020/02/01.
Proposal deadline 2019/12/01 twitter.com/jacomyma/status/11

🐦🔗: twitter.com/paulanomalie/statu

@acka47 @literarymachine Great! I will arrive Wednesday at 11pm, leaving on Monday at 9am.

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