Today I tried to submit a patch to … what a journey! Learning about first, then trying to install all the build dependencies and miserably failing >_< I still submitted my untested patch without much hope…

It looks like they are a bit stuck in the environment and want to move to web-based…

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Adopt an project: , a fantastic graph visualization tool, whose development seems to have stalled

Today I discovered , a package manager, which you are supposed to install with `curl -sSL… | python -`. So you write a package manager but you don't think it is worth it? Really?

@douginamug CC0 because licenses are not the right tool to prevent unethical use of your creation. By its nature, your index is going to be useful to good people only. Sure, people can make copies of it and put ads next to it (see the many Wikipedia clones which do just that) but it will get them peanuts. Just make sure people who have a genuine interest in your work are as free as possible.

Adopting abandoned FOSS projects to maintain them is a rewarding experience. I hope this could happen to ,, because it's a great tool.

@despens @ostephens it's great! We need more people like you who like to live on the edge, otherwise bugs get discovered too late :)

@despens @ostephens makes sense! This feature has still not been released yet (we really need to make a 3.5 alpha soon!), so I think that's why it is not there yet :)

@ostephens Time to switch to overnight oats! With raisins and chia seeds - look no further :)

I just don't want to count the number of repositories I need to migrate out of after their princing update. I am still hoping for a quick U-turn on their side, otherwise I will hardly do anything else this month.

@maxlath @douginamug @jums @nicksellen on the same note, the "PRO" badge that was added a while ago to GitHub, shown even on hovercards. But it can now be disabled, at least.

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En collaboration avec @TelecomParis_ notre équipe @ENS_ULM/@INS2I_CNRS/@Inria @InriaValda remporte un projet #scienceouverte @ouvrirlascience pour le développement de @disseminOA permettant de déposer les travaux de recherche dans des archives ouvertes.

@despens it is indeed really sad - and none of the alternatives really aim for the same generality sadly

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