@maxlath @johl or in fact anyone doing stuff around ! Those communities are so disjoint, it amazes me…

"How to sanctions-check a spreadsheet using ", by : opensanctions.org/articles/202 It looks great, for me it is a good source of motivation to keep working on the API and OpenRefine itself :)

@Literally @douginamug yes it is a funny community (but reading was definitely enjoyable, at least the first few ones!)

Ein neues LütziNews ist da!!!

- Völlig losgelösst - Wie RWE den Lössboden zerstört || 06.12.21 -


Our new open-access journal for all of theoretical computer science is now online: theoretics.episciences.org/ Submit your best papers, get feedback quickly (<3 month for the first round of peer review), articles are free to read and free to publish. :) More info: a3nm.net/blog/theoretics.html

Having a great time with developers, learning about their setup and sharing experiences with . We have lots of things in common, it is a really good synergy. twitter.com/Gephi/status/14657

@ostephens I am not sure which one you mean, but I do like , the Python distributed task queue, and , the vegetable. :)

@UjuBib awww… in David François Hyunh we trust! 💎 ❤️

RT @fagerving
"in the beginning was Chaos, then God created @OpenRefine "

@jeanneavelo "Accuser un dictionnaire de verser dans l'idéologie au motif qu'il ajoute des mots c'est à peu près aussi con qu'attendre l'hiver pour accuser Météo France de connivence avec lobby des remontées mécaniques et des pneus-neige." Ah ça fait du bien de lire ça.

Im ZBIW-Fortbildungsprogramm 1.2022 ist das lobid-Team zum 2. Mal durch @acka47
& Fabian Steeg vertreten mit dem Seminar "Offene Infrastruktur für bibliothekarische Daten: Linked Open Data, JSON & #OpenRefine
in der Praxis" am 10.02.2022, 10.00-16.00: th-koeln.de/weiterbildung/offe

@mariha the concept still looks a bit fuzzy to me… interersted to see what comes out of it!

The Wikibase Stakeholder Group is now represented on the Fediverse: @wbstakeholders

@douginamug I suspect it would happen in many places in France at least

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