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En collaboration avec @TelecomParis_ notre équipe @ENS_ULM/@INS2I_CNRS/@Inria @InriaValda remporte un projet #scienceouverte @ouvrirlascience pour le développement de @disseminOA permettant de déposer les travaux de recherche dans des archives ouvertes. dissem.in twitter.com/ouvrirlascience/st

I have set up a load balancer for the first time (for the service) and what a satisfaction! It works!

Under the hood, it uses fancy Python3 , a nice revival of cooperative multitasking. What else would you expect for a collaborative knowledge base, after all?

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A new reconciliation service is here: wikidata.reconci.link/ It should be faster and more robust.

What do folks use as servers to synchronize their calendars across machines? I would prefer not having to set up a Google Calendar for that…

Si je paye pas, pas de lecture ?
Dans ce cas, pas de relecture !

Venez signer l'engagement à ne pas faire de review pour les journaux et conférences qui ne sont pas en accès libre :

Researchers, are you fed up of performing free reviewing work for commercial journals and other venues that put research behind paywalls? To show that you are against this outdated system, you can sign our new pledge "No free view? No review!" nofreeviewnoreview.org/

No free view? No review! Join us in our boycott of closed-access journals. nofreeviewnoreview.org/

My participation to : tweaking the code of citation templates to enable auto-linking for free-to-read dois. But I'll have to wait for the end of the RFC to push it to the wiki!

Challenge during the : mapping tiny details on by jogging around town. So far: ✅ garbage bins (141), 🕘 benches (54), and after that it will be fire hydrants. 😜

A worked example of putting a network visualisation on a map with #RStats and #OpenRefine (i.e. a "flow map" I guess). This is for visualising collaboration between institutions on a sample of journal articles.
Still needs refining, but might be useful to some!



@engrxiv I forgot to say that a very good repository is , based on . Under 50 GB stored, it's usually no problem (ask them); you seem to fit comfortably.

If you open a "community" there, you get your own OAI-PMH and all the essentials of an .

You also get integration with for free, which is useful to deposit all the previously published literature.

Please spread the word among the other COS repositories!

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Ô surprise: après avoir incité à la création de micro-entreprise par la promesse de cotisations réduites, le gouvernement retire la réduction, avec effet non seulement immédiat mais rétroactif ! twitter.com/lefildactu1/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Thaliane_K/status/

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The perfect date... 🌹

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