"How to sanctions-check a spreadsheet using ", by : opensanctions.org/articles/202 It looks great, for me it is a good source of motivation to keep working on the API and OpenRefine itself :)

Ein neues LütziNews ist da!!!

- Völlig losgelösst - Wie RWE den Lössboden zerstört || 06.12.21 -


Our new open-access journal for all of theoretical computer science is now online: theoretics.episciences.org/ Submit your best papers, get feedback quickly (<3 month for the first round of peer review), articles are free to read and free to publish. :) More info: a3nm.net/blog/theoretics.html

Having a great time with developers, learning about their setup and sharing experiences with . We have lots of things in common, it is a really good synergy. twitter.com/Gephi/status/14657

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"in the beginning was Chaos, then God created @OpenRefine "

Im ZBIW-Fortbildungsprogramm 1.2022 ist das lobid-Team zum 2. Mal durch @acka47
& Fabian Steeg vertreten mit dem Seminar "Offene Infrastruktur für bibliothekarische Daten: Linked Open Data, JSON & #OpenRefine
in der Praxis" am 10.02.2022, 10.00-16.00: th-koeln.de/weiterbildung/offe

The Wikibase Stakeholder Group is now represented on the Fediverse: @wbstakeholders

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J'ai honte de mon travail parfois 🙈 je le mets en open source, sachant délibérément qu'on ne pourra rien en faire...

‘The web is not "open" if nobody new can write a web browser engine. It's the illusion of openness.’

This point, made in an excellent thread over on the bird site, gets to the heart of the matter. What we have today on the web is the illusion of openness.


Today I tried to submit a patch to … what a journey! Learning about first, then trying to install all the build dependencies and miserably failing >_< I still submitted my untested patch without much hope…

It looks like they are a bit stuck in the environment and want to move to web-based… gephi.wordpress.com/

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Adopt an project: , a fantastic graph visualization tool, whose development seems to have stalled github.com/gephi/gephi

Today I discovered , a package manager, which you are supposed to install with `curl -sSL raw.githubusercontent.com/… | python -`. So you write a package manager but you don't think it is worth it? Really?

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