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Sick of the latest corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley blockchain/NFT/metaverse bullshit?

You’re not alone.

362 people, projects, and organisations have signed the web0 manifesto since the New Year :)



But we keep going! Facilitating conversations across platforms, decentralized & using open standards (like #email &, putting you in control of your data and workflow!

The support of our users & community has allowed us to do great things & the future is bright! 🚀


2021 highlights:

- 8 low carbon websites (150kb on average per page with zero tracking or privacy oriented tracking)
- Switch to Linux and local/offline solutions
- Write 5 articles
- Using a note system to share notes more easily
- Replaced the battery of two laptops, they will last!
- Read 19 books
- Discover and talk to lots of inspiring people
- Read about permaculture and participate in workshops
- Start a Bokashi
- Make Kombucha tea

...and many others that deserve to be discovered and shared.
We have created a page to keep track of our inspirations and share best practices/research:

Unfortunately, the Pikselkraft website is not yet a digital garden, but we will work on it :-)

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If you want more concepts:

> A pluriverse of local worlds: a review of Computing within Limits related terminology and practices

Simple virtual machines, low complexity computing, resilient computer and much more! Thanks to @neauoire and @rek


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This year we have been reading a lot about web/computing. It's really inspiring to see the variety of initiatives going in different directions. For the end of the year, it's time to share some of them 🙂

Once you remove the multi-tenant requirement, you remove a world of complexity.

In a single-tenant system like the Small Web (, instead of designing a system that can work for 1-100,000 (or 1M, or 10M, or more) people, you’re designing a system for one person and one person alone.

Folks creating ethical alternatives: this is our competitive advantage.

If you’re making multi-tenant systems, you’re playing Big Tech’s game in their own house (and the house always wins).

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"Walka o przestrzeń cyfrową to walka o naszą wolność, poczucie bezpieczeństwa oraz demokrację. Co nam pozostanie z walki przeciwko zmianom klimatycznym, jeśli nie możemy czuć się bezpiecznie w przestrzeni cyfrowej, która jest coraz bardziej istotną częścią naszego życia, a nasza praca nie jest odpowiednio płatna oraz chroniona?"

Pour la défense de nos droits et libertés, pour un numérique ouvert, accessible et encapacitant
Wikimedia FR →
Sans oublier Mozilla, l' @eff et les amis du MoutonNumerique

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Pour la protection du vivant et de nos écosystèmes, pour d'autres voies de sociétés soutenables
Le LowTechLab →
Halte à l'Obsolescence Programmée →
La Confédération Paysanne →
Sans oublier Zero Waste France, Amis de la Terre, Systext et bien d'autres

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When I was a kid, i dreamt of:

- space travel: now owned by billionaire dickeads + the military;

- robots: now owned by Boston Dynamics, Google + the military;

- computers: now owned by Google + the military;

It took me a while to figure that my kid's dream was mostly dictated by imperialist, expansionist, extractivist and militarist propaganda.

Hope generations will dream of soil, funghi, insects, nutrients, species and their beautiful interlocked complexity. so much cooler than computers!

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