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Pour la défense de nos droits et libertés, pour un numérique ouvert, accessible et encapacitant
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Sans oublier Mozilla, l' @eff et les amis du MoutonNumerique

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Pour la protection du vivant et de nos écosystèmes, pour d'autres voies de sociétés soutenables
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Sans oublier Zero Waste France, Amis de la Terre, Systext et bien d'autres

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When I was a kid, i dreamt of:

- space travel: now owned by billionaire dickeads + the military;

- robots: now owned by Boston Dynamics, Google + the military;

- computers: now owned by Google + the military;

It took me a while to figure that my kid's dream was mostly dictated by imperialist, expansionist, extractivist and militarist propaganda.

Hope generations will dream of soil, funghi, insects, nutrients, species and their beautiful interlocked complexity. so much cooler than computers!

Vous avez visité le site, votre avis nous intéresse pour en apprendre plus sur nos pratiques d'écoconception et sur la communication de The Green Room.

"I will pay you cash to delete your #npm module" ~

"I do hope that this idea strikes fear in the hearts of any #node developers that read it, and in other programming language communities which have taken after npm. What are you going to do if one of your #dependencies vanishes? What if someone studies the minified code on your website, picks out an obscure dependency they find there, then bribes the maintainers?"

exciting news! we are teaching a #uxn online workshop! <3

Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming

Sunday Nov 21 of the current year, 3pm NYC time (UTC-5)

we'll love to see you there!

Interview très intéressante de Corinne Morel Darleux chez Blast :

À compléter avec le livre “Plutôt couler en beauté que flotter sans grâce” qui est vraiment un livre marquant pour penser l’écologie.

Centralised messenger Signal has just announced that they are making part of their server software closed source. They claim it is to fight spam, but by using closed source they make it impossible for outsiders to verify the truth. This is worrying.

We really, really need a fully open, decentralised alternative to Signal.

There are several alternatives being developed, please support them:

➡️ @snikket_im

➡️ @xmpp

➡️ @matrix

➡️ @delta

➡️ @briar

➡️ @Jami

#Signal #Alternatives #Privacy

I just added my name to this emergency appeal for action by Greta, Vanessa, Mitzi, and Dominika. Sign now and share, and they'll deliver our voices directly to governments at the#COP26 summit.

A great piece of content: and the cult of

"They just wanted new that would make their lives easier so that they didn’t have to worry about navigation, search , metadata and quality."

Contrairement à ce qu’on a longtemps affirmé, l’économie numérique n’est ni « immatérielle » ni « verte ». Elle produit des dommages écologiques importants, dont les conséquences sont très inégalement réparties à la surface du globe.
Archive (2020).

Why do we use a lot CMS for our projects? We explain this choice in our last article.

Thanks to the Kirby team for developing this tool, it really makes project development more fun.

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