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Mise à jour de notre article : « Repenser nos échanges avec les utilisateurs : le café du web »
Notamment en ajoutant les options offertes par et les

Les podcasts se font plateformiser, comment échapper à ce modèle prédateur, le #mustread du jour :

As the #BigTech CEOs prepare for their Congress antitrust hearing today, take a look at the timelines we’ve prepared about @google @Facebook @Amazon @Apple's years of abuse of their massive power:

Following weeks of alpha/beta-testing, we're glad to announce the release of Yunohost 4.0 running on Debian 10/Buster 🎉 !

This comes with the release of YunoHost 3.8.5.x which ships a migration to allow to upgrade the system to Debian 10 as smoothly and simply as possible :blobcatcoffee:.

More details in the release note :

L'IA, c'est l'avenir.

#Orange et #Google ont établi un partenariat pour la "customers digitization" (numérisation des [données des] clients)


"Free play was implicitly encouraged: the sharing, collaboration, manipulation, and proliferation of software was built into Galaksija’s very operation."


RT,, and will testify before Congress this Monday, as part of a sweeping investigation. Here are the three key truths about Big Tech that Congress must understand to avoid being embarrassed again:


Aujourd'hui @ritimo publie un dossier préparé par @LaQuadrature, "Faire d’Internet un monde meilleur".

Ces articles reviennent sur les principaux enjeux qui ont fait de l’Internet un terrain de jeu des publicitaires, des géants du numérique et de la surveillance de masses.

Données personnelles, libertés individuelles, interopérabilité, régulation du web... Autant de concepts présentés de manière accessibles, dans des termes moins techniques que politiques.

C'est ici :

Small Tech > Big Tech

Live stream today at 15:00 German time, 16:00 Irish time.

Watch live from:

I am speaking at Interactive Future Exhibition 2020 held by the students of the Interactive Media Design course (@imd) at the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

#IFExhibition #SmallTech #SmallWeb #SiteJS


After a first read of the judgement on it seems we scored a 100% win - for our privacy

The US will have to engage in serious surveillance reform to get back to a "privileged" status for US companies.

More details here:



Petit rappel pour la

RT - C’est quoi l’effet rebond appliqué au numérique ? C'est un maintien constant du prix de stockage pour une explosion des usages. Donc une explosion de l’empreinte énergétique.


Intervention cash et pleine de vérités, comme souvent, de Jean-Baptiste Kempf (président de VLC) par Lucas Gautheron pour @LeMediaTV

Let me put it this way: if you are not a startup (i.e., you don't have venture capital and you’re not looking to scale exponentially and have a billion-dollar exit) and yet you call yourself a startup, you are actively helping the startup that will offer your services for free until it kills your sustainable small tech business.

So maybe don’t call yourself a startup.

Startup is a Silicon Valley brand. It does not mean a new, small tech business.

Écoconception ?


This is an unhappy looking number. We're about to break the 2MB barrier for median page weight for desktop devices. Up 17.5% in just 2 years 😬




"Meteor? It raised $20MM, then it died its growth stalled and it sold. If you bought the hype and built on top of Meteor, you, well, probably died with it."

Wait, what’s that? Nothing has changed?

Gatsby - $46.8MM raised
Vercel - $21MM
Apollo - $53.2MM
Netlify - $97.1MM



Here's a list of jobs that actually matter and have to continue during a pandemic, next to their salaries.

Midwife: £24K (starting)
Bus or coach driver: £14K - £25K
Carer: £12K - £25K
Paramedic: £24K (starting)
Social worker: £24K
Nurse: £24K
Supermarket worker: £14K - £17K


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