This year we have been reading a lot about web/computing. It's really inspiring to see the variety of initiatives going in different directions. For the end of the year, it's time to share some of them 🙂

Simple virtual machines, low complexity computing, resilient computer and much more! Thanks to @neauoire and @rek


...and many others that deserve to be discovered and shared.
We have created a page to keep track of our inspirations and share best practices/research:

Unfortunately, the Pikselkraft website is not yet a digital garden, but we will work on it :-)

Feel free to share more initiatives and projects!

@pikselkraft @viznut oh thank you for this work, I am wanting to work hard at minimizing and yet hedonistically using limited computing resources 👍

@pikselkraft long lasting computers is something I try to do. it would work for the most part if it weren't for web developers shoving more and more crap onto the client

email, LaTeX, RSS, XMPP etc only require very modest computing resources. the web by contrast just fills me with rage. there's a few nice lightweight sites in a sea of bloat

@pikselkraft this article mirrors a bunch of things I have been desiring/working toward for about 10 years. Awesome. Also, considering p2p and always-on internet that might be needed for that, I wonder if we could just turn the internet on only for 5 minutes an hour or something, queue our requests, sit back and wait for the delivery. Cut all the resource usage down 95%? :p Or maybe super low power/bandwidth scheduling like via QRP 20m/40m so that just the peers that need something will turn on and sync.

@pikselkraft nice page :)

noticed a little bug: Timothée Goguely's link is broken into two a tags, one of the two words opens into a new window.

@neauoire thanks for the page (+ the idea) and for the bug :-)
The link is good now.

Good study of Arabic for the end of the year :-)

@alcinnz I will keep an eye on your project. We definitely need alternatives.

I added Gemini to my list, thanks :-)

@alcinnz @pikselkraft @ed1conf nice tip there! I was hoping to come at this from an ed/edbrowse angle. I want voice input as well and have played with pocketsphinx before. I see you reverted that, and chose voice2json instead (or as a layer on top of more choices?).

@pikselkraft Thanks for sharing this! I've been diving into some of these concepts too but "digital garden" and some of the others I hadn't come across yet 🙂

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