Petit rappel de cette vision datant du XXème siècle.

Oui je suis profondément cynique, il faut que je le mettes dans ma bio

@petitevieille Tellement terrifiant de précision que je soupçonne l'auteur d'être en fait un voyageur du futur qui est revenu pour tenter de nous alerter.

@petitevieille Yeah… All-in-one…

- minus sound
- minus optical quality for physical/size reasons
- minus ergonomics as holding a thin phone to take pictures is hell…
- minus privacy: my electronic organizer and cameras, as well as my Linux music player, are not 15G enabled and don't depend on "the cloud" bullshit…
- minus battery efficiency
- minus thermal management (my "smart"phone suddently and silently turning off during the summer… because it was too hot…)

@petitevieille So indeed, the PITA acronym fits very well. 'cause we've been fucked!

(And yes, I still use a 20 years old electronic organizer running on CR batteries, and with LCD monochrome, 6 lines, screen… Still better than so called "smart" phones. The only limit is ic can't been synced with a computedfor backup, so data needs to exist elsewhere too)

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