I saw an article about an idea to put self-driving cars on the road which can drive a tiny bit slower than other cars around them, gradually allowing a large gap of antitraffic to form in front of them, which can contract to destroy a traffic jam wave.
And I was like dude I've been doing that for 10 years and I'm not an AI. You don't need an AI, you need one person in a thousand to have read Bill Beatty's traffic wave theories.

@ifixcoinops oooh this is a really good read, I love this so far

@null Spread it far and wide, mate. If one person in traffic knows how to make antitraffic, and they're good at it, then there's no traffic. :)

@ifixcoinops i’ve already figured this all out for the most part, but it’s really nice seeing it all put into words




That's exactly the same around Paris in France and that's why I hate driving there.
I was taught that driving is cooperating with other drivers. But 90% of those stupid assholes are driving as if it was mandatory to fight other drivers, struggling to put their car at the first place of the herd. They just don't know how to drive.
I'd enjoy the time when driving licenses get controlled every five years and bad drivers get sent to school again.

(sorry for my bad english)

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