The lite version of #Fedilab should come soon on #Fdroid (only).
This version is more focused on privacy. Some features can't be changed:
- Built-in browser with automatic updates of the tracking database.
- Nitter and Invidious (but instances can be customized).
- Most important in-app features are still there.
Without minification the size is around 10Mb.

Source code:

@fedilab a well-configured browser (Firefox) with add-ons I find more privacy friendly than built in solution but otherwise really a nice thing *thumbs up*

Yes, I understand, but this second project comes from a personal feeling.
Lot of users keep using the built-in browser without updating the tracking database. I could have forced external browsers, but no guarantees that they remove tracking scripts.
The app comes with a set of unknown tools like removing all utm parameters, avoid Google URLs and Co. But that needs to check all settings and do manual actions.
So it's an app with - 1/2



On peut utiliser les deux versions en parallèle peur comparer ?


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