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Il y a une "marche pour le climat" proposée le 8 septembre 2018 de 14h à 17h à Paris départ à l'Hôtel de ville. Ça intéresse des gens ?
#climat #Paris

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Just found a productivity app for Desktop Linux:
"Go For It!"

It comes with a built-in timer and it has been better than anything I had tested before

A long awaited Android upgrade was about to start
and Internet died:/

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Trying to streamline support from this account a little, so we need your help!

When talking about #Tusky just hashtag, if you need to talk with us, you can @Tusky

Thank you in advance.

I have a problem!

I always fall in love with someone who is in love with someone else, and the latter is in love with somebody else...

Then it's not just you, they're just like you!

You're right...
Houston! ..."WE" have a problem!

Warning: such a 'helpful' conversation with shrinks will cost you a lot!

pegase# uname -a

I'M gonna name 'The One' who recently broke my heart!

you want me to name all(-a) of them?

This may take a few minutes!

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Bonjouuur les newbies de Mastodon 💕 :blobreach:

Si vous ne comprenez pas bien ce qu'il se passe par ici n'hésitez pas à me poser des questions, poser des questions avec #MastoEntraide et voici des tutos ->

Bienvenue par ici :blobaww: :totoro: ❤️

Quelqu'un m'a dit que "quelqu'un m'a dit" de Carla bruni n'est pas mal

quelqu'un m'a menti ?

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RT "L'école et l'université sont gratuites, et EN PLUS ils sont payés pour étudier". Scandalisée, une présentatrice de Fox News s'est attaquée au Danemark pour "prouver que le socialisme ne marche pas". La réponse du député est très très drôle 😂


"sick in bed
hugged it this way, once…
under the heather"

Didn't realize that was a poem!
so I posted:

get well soon

[ a "get well soon emoji" will be installed here, once I can find it!]

my bad:))))


have been trying to paint and restore a rusted door
I stink!
paint thinner smell in my nose
gonna take a shower

Couldn't find any article about and on Wikipedia
I think even a short article (introduction) will help a lot of people (newcomers)

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anyway, come join me on my new pixelfed instance,

there's still a couple of things left to do to enable bidirectional federation, but it's getting there.
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Post-doc job offer on the theory of the ‘commons’, social movements, collective ventures and political processes related to the construction of democratic self-organized communities. In Thessaloniki, Greece.

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