After nearly 23 days, it's time to wish everybody a happy new year!
Let's try to make this a year of growth for the wiki to help our decentralised FLOSS community.
Come chat with us on Matrix:

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C'est le 23ème jour de l'année et on ne vous a pas encore souhaité la bonne année...
Bonne année!
Essayons de faire grandir la base de connaissances du wiki pour permettre un plus grande découverte de nos vidéastes sur un plateforme libre décentralisé!
N'hésitez pas à venir nous parler sur notre communauté Matrix:

Hey! Last message was just over a month ago so what's new ?
We've got a nice theme now!
I've finally added a profile picture on Mastodon. Thanks to @davidrevoy for the nice illustration (it was made to illustrate PeerTube's V3 announcement/fundraiser). It's under CC-BY, you can find the images on David's website:
We've got some new pages on the wiki as well so don't hesitate to check it out!
And, of course, any improvements is very much welcomed.

So the has an official presence on the fediverse now!
Please follow this account to get new announcements about the wiki.
You can also come talk to us over on Matrix:

And of course, the link to the wiki is

What else is new ? We now have the start page translated in german!

Another announcement for the #PeerTubersWiki

Thanks to great help, the theme has been changed, translation into french is possible (top right corner you have the option) and again more minor improvements.


It's actually nice to look at now.
If you are interested in adding more languages, don't hesitate to contact on mastodon or in the new #Matrix community:


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Since 2020.10.02 the Peertubers wiki has been online!
Thanks to all the contributors who have added a lot of new pages! There are now 50 pages! That's over three new pages a day and even if most are pretty small, they can and will be improved in the futur.
Again, feel free to contribute but remember this is early days for the wiki. It's growing way faster than I expected! Does your favourite PeerTuber not have a page yet ?


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I posted a message on the #PeerTube forum about creating a wiki to showcase "PeerTubers", didn't get much of a response other than a couple of likes but decide to try and go for it anyway.
Here's the link:

Feel free to go check it out and add a page. Any ides are welcomed.


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