- et si l'instance avec ton compte de secours tombe ?
- ben faut prier pour que l'instance avec ton compte principal soit revenue :D


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@aeris “Informatique et Libertés” law (cf cnil.fr/fr/informatique-et-lib). The problem is that they are already indexes of bots. To do something new, we had to index personal profiles (with quite a lot of follower) as well, which turned out to be thorny. You have to make sure people agree and it seems you must register to the CNIL.

🇺🇸 Similar project:
🇫🇷 Projet similaire :


fediverse.directory/ (looks great and is active, thanks to @href)

Apologies to any peaple we got indexed without prior notification, including:

Thanks to those who made pull requests and suggestions:

I’m sorry your work and time has been wasted.

Mastodon.tk is back online! Unfortunately, it now shows an example site, to
support the liberated code.

Indeed, due to legal concern under French law (it is a kind of personnal data
handling to index profiles urls), I (@leowzukw) decided to shut
down the project.

In order to help anybody interrested in reusing the code, it has been published (gitlab.com/WzukW/onmastodon-co). I
would be most pleased to help anyone reusing it.

We are offline right now due to legal issues.

Expect news in upcoming days.

The notice to contribute to is online: onmastodon.tk/contribute/

Thanks to @vincentux and @nailyk to make pull-request even before this!

On lit parfois qu’il n’y a pas les principales sources d’actualité sur Mastodon : grand journaux, Snowden… Mêmes si cette façon de s’informer est discutable, les nouveaux venus sont un peu perdus et certains nous quittent parce qu’il ne retrouve pas tel ou tel grand compte.

J’ai donc regroupé certains profiles populaires sur onmastodon.tk/. Le thème est loin d’être assez « léché » mais toute aide est bienvenue 😁 .

J’aimerai surtout avoir votre avis et vos suggestions. Merci à tous.

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