Follow is back online! Unfortunately, it now shows an example site, to
support the liberated code.

Indeed, due to legal concern under French law (it is a kind of personnal data
handling to index profiles urls), I (@leowzukw) decided to shut
down the project.

In order to help anybody interrested in reusing the code, it has been published ( I
would be most pleased to help anyone reusing it.

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@onmastodon @leowzukw Which law in this case ? Public profile is not concerned, only private one, AFAIK…

@aeris “Informatique et Libertés” law (cf The problem is that they are already indexes of bots. To do something new, we had to index personal profiles (with quite a lot of follower) as well, which turned out to be thorny. You have to make sure people agree and it seems you must register to the CNIL.

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