#sysadmin Oh Fedizens, especially those who look after multiple Unix systems, is there something much better than Nagios now? I installed Nagios ages ago, but I now need to go through and update lots of the configs and nrpds and so forth...so it's a good moment to change if there's something much better. Opinions?

I used Zabbix for a long time, until i stopped administering computers altogether. I remember we migrated away from MRTG+Cacti+Nagios (+gnokii to send alert SMS) in favour of it. It did have some learning curve, but after i grasped all the concepts it felt natural.


@gergely @yetiinabox i didn't succes to be used to . Still a hudge fan of / and clone.
At my currrent job, we use .
I find it very efficient but not very quick.
Easy configuration and graphe easly with .
I really like all math function to do alert on trend, not a one to one nagios replacement, but you can twist it.

Prometheus is great for numeric metrics. Alerting requires alertmanager or Grafana, which are beasts hard to tame. Zabbix can do it in one package, so unless youʼre in Prometheusʼ native realm (Kubernetes or similar) you probably shouldnʼt go that route.

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