Happy #OpenSourceFriday!

I have a request for all y'all #OpenSource folks: what are some pivotal moments in open source history? Try to think beyond the usual suspects (licenses, operating systems, etc...).

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@juliaferraioli I don't know if it's pivotal, but I find Audacity being acquired by Muse to be an interesting contemporary case study. Only days after it occurred, they added (tried to add?) telemetry and there was a huge uproar about it, which lead to the creation of forks like Tenacity.

In less recent history, a certain individual's frustration with a particular printer was probably a very important moment.

Whoever created the first "view source" option in a web browser.


@paul @juliaferraioli libreoffice/OpenOffice seem reveleant.
Vlc have raise the bar on video player (some time ago...)

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