@Tusky "This app is incompatible with your device." for a OnePlus One with Android 6

@ofaurax thats weird o_0
What appstore are you using?

@ofaurax does it work if you download it from fdroid or directly from our homepage? tusky.app

@Tusky did you change your key for signing the app? F-droid detects I have version 1.5, but I can't update due to different key (google play?). I don't remember if I got it from Play or F-droid

@ofaurax Fdroid and Google Play releases have different keys. The one on our homepage has the same key as Google Play.

@Tusky ok it was my fault : I took it from F-droid, but auto-update was disabled (?), and it appears the signing key has changed since 1.5 (perhaps to use the same for google play?). Reinstall solved the case. Thanks for the support

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