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Two years ago 17.10 - the Artful Aardvark was released. It’s long past End of Life. Now is a good time to re-install or upgrade to a supported release: bit.ly/2X2WS9L

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Black Friday Special Offer! 🤑 Exclusive **Free** Download of the Desktop & Server operating system! 😘 Share it with your colleagues, family, friends and pets! 😺

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user statistics
This report is generated from basic, non-identifiable system data that was provided by users when installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics

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Our old friends at @Canonical@twitter.com have given us some more devices to use for further development. So here's the offer: if you want to help develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device let us know here and someone will be in touch.

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October 20, 2004 Mark Shuttleworth announced the first @ubuntu@twitter.com release. That was 15 years ago today. Happy birthday Ubuntu and congratulations to the developers, users and the entire Ubuntu community!

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