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For some humor 🤣

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, de la découverte à la pratique…
Excellents modules de présentation sous licence libre CC-BY-SA, pour s'initier et découvrir un OS libre et performant !
– Niveau 1 ➜ dane.ac-lyon.fr/spip/IMG/scena
– Niveau 2 ➜ dane.ac-lyon.fr/spip/IMG/scena
(mis à jour en 03/2020)

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Years ago, they publicly announced that " is a cancer", now there is this... DO NOT BE FOOLED by such actions, @Microsoft@twitter.com do not love , they need it for their .. On the other side @Canonical@twitter.com can not miss a such opportunity.. twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1272

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is there a way to install BSD but keep using ext4 as /home (to share it with linux)?

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Prochain call @ubunteam@twitter.com sur @jitsinews@twitter.com 👇

📌A la Découverte de

🗓Lundi 13 Avril


Animé par: @Bekaye223@twitter.com

Lien d'acces: meet.jit.si/ubunteam

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In March 16 years ago Mark Shuttleworth founded @Canonical@twitter.com and later that year gave the world @Ubuntu@twitter.com.
It's taken time, but I've slowly pieced together a humble Ubuntu collection.

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