It's Miyazaki's 80th birthday and because he loves us and wants us to be happy, Ghibli just release almost 2,000 hi-res images from their films for reasonable use. So get on that.

@nicosomb I convinced @coolboymew to watch some Miyazaki movies for SPC Movie Night sometime soon. maybe after he finishes his Best Anime of the Decade Extravaganza.
@noyoushutthefuckupdad @nicosomb yeah, if we don't keep getting stuck at a single season per episode lol

@nicosomb loving this crossover of ghibli, tettix, and masto. Been a fan of tettix's cover of Sacre du Printemps for a long time -

@nicosomb For anyone else using Download Them All (Firefox plugin):

- Select the thumbnail links in the gallery for each page

- Right click:
Download Them All > Download Them all

- Select the "Links" tab and make sure the actual media the thumbnail links to are selected to download (not the thumbnails themselves)

- Enter the "subfolder"

- Download

@wowaname oh, I have an instagram account, please follow me 😂

@nicosomb wget commands to download all images (with [DOT] to prevent link-shortening):

wget --random-wait --timestamping https://www[DOT]{redturtle,omoide,laputa,nausicaa,tanuki,umi,porco,majo,totoro,howl,baron,ghiblies,yamada,mononoke,mimi,marnie,kaguyahime,kazetachinu,kokurikozaka,karigurashi,ponyo,ged,chihiro}{001..050}.jpg

wget --random-wait --timestamping https://www[DOT]{001..028}.jpg

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