@thomas je suis toujours noob en Node, donc je viens voir de temps en temps… 😉
Là je veux parcourir des dossiers pour réorganiser des fichiers.

@thomas hello, j'ai l'impression qu'il y a des trucs bizarre sur la version online de ton bouquin Node… 😅

Wow, site.js looks awesome, and the scripted demo on the homepage is brilliant! 👍

Might be interesting to mix it with @eleven_ty@twitter.com… 🤔

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Released :)


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@kylealden@twitter.com @davatron5000@twitter.com Sniffing the UA strings? Isn't that what middle schoolers do to get high these days? 😇

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From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2)

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

Time to rewrite the Service Worker for my @eleven_ty@twitter.com site!

Any good example of SW generation with/for Workbox, with only npm and Eleventy, no Gulp, webpack or other?

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📢 The latest release candidate for @workboxjs@twitter.com v5 is out!

This is our last planned RC, so if you haven't tested the prerelease versions in your apps, now's the time!

We hope to release v5 within the next few days!

Read more:

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What a fantastic response. Now I'm an even more loyal @Sonos@twitter.com customer. We all make mistakes, it's how we handle them that really matters. Thanks @Patrick_Spence@twitter.com. twitter.com/Patrick_Spence/sta

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There's some sound advice from @LauraKalbag@twitter.com here at

👉 Self host where possible
👉 Post to your own site first, then publish to third party apps
👉 Your site will be better than Medium anyway 😅

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“Your basic blog is better than Medium” – @LauraKalbag@twitter.com at @naconf@twitter.com ✊

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Un régal à chaque nouvel épisode des aventures de Léo ! 😍

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Carnet de voyage : sur la route des Ksour, les châteaux perdus d’Algérie, par le photographe Léo Coulongeat

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It's unfair that I can typo 'console' three times in a row, whereas other people:

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(Mais pas sur Twitter parce que j'ai arrêté d'y publier, ce message était exceptionnel, juste pour dire que je suis encore vivant).


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