I would like to believe that the web is big enough for three browser engines (a decade ago it was five!), but the data keeps shattering my hopes.

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un reboot de
github.com/foxmask/django-th (avec ses 1.4K de stars :P en django)

en version toute rikikite

pypi.org/project/yeoboseyo/ (en starlette et vuejs)

Le tout

pour publier du RSS sur mastodon, mattermost, discord, slack

Le meme "coeur" sert aussi pour
un lecteur de News à partir de flux RSS ;)

@dav ok, je verrai ce que ça donne dans NetNewsWire, merci !

RT @AudeBaron@twitter.com

Si vous doutiez de l’intérêt de l’escalade aux JO… c’est complètement dingue : on dirait qu’ils courent à la verticale 😳 Bassa Mawem is the new Spiderman

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AudeBaron/status/1

@dav quand je te lis dans mon lecteur de flux, certains liens internes n'ont pas d'intitulé explicite, et l'URL ne l'est pas plus, du coup je ne clique pas, et je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir déjà lu le contenu lié. C'est frustrant. 😅

25 minutes de promenade reposante, visuelle et sonore, dans la nature canadienne.

Merci @dav !


Just read a post asking Eugen to resign from developing Mastodon and I really have to ask: what are you folks smoking?

It’s his project. It’s open source. Fork it if you want to. But what kind of mind-blowing sense of entitlement drives you to think you can tell someone they should stop working on something they’ve built?


I get a lot of 503 errors from @fastly in Chrome or Edge, not in Firefox or Safari, for image requests on <nicolas-hoizey.photo/> 😱

The requests go to @Netlify then @cloudinary (here's how), I don't know exactly where Fastly is.


We (@w3c) are #hiring our Web Accessibility Development and Operations Lead


This is full-time position, based in Europe. Works starts on September 1, 2021.
Please, apply 🙏 Please, boost 🙏

#a11y #webstandards

Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

@Reise_Reise thanks! I never read these links on the left… 😅

Based on @caniuse data, using `gap` with Flexbox with no fallback means half iOS users won't get the right layout.


It might be a bit too soon… 🥲


There is a page on to tell us how to add quotes to pages:

Is there a page somewhere with recommendations on how to quote Wikipedia pages on other sites?


Looks like people are searching @unsplash for free illustrations about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! 😲


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