Bonne journée internationale du panda roux à toutes et à tous !

Béni soit celui qui a inventé les verres progressifs ! 👓

Pas celui qui a inventé la vieillesse, par contre ! 😅

I'm going to get rich with and! 😅

Seriously, I believe in .

Wordpress ranked the most dreaded platform/technology amongst developers: 67% of developers want to move away from it.

@welcomattic not at all, they are (or will be) complementary.

Daltons computes (actually "will" compute) the optimum image widths from analytics, for the `srcset` attribute.

While images-responsiver creates the HTML to list these image widths and the relevant `sizes` attribute, to help the browser download the right image.

I'm already using to test `images-responsiver`, my .js package for easier responsive images, but I wonder how to use it to test my plugin wrapping it for… 🤔

I'm quite happy with this nice and simple collection of complementary tools that help me maintain my pet projects on

On ne nous aura rien épargné cette année : Des parents refusent que leur fils lise Harry Potter car ça parle de sorcellerie 😱

⚠️ People using my plugin for responsive images should be aware that its Git(Hub) repository has moved into the new images-responsiver monorepo.

There's nothing to do if it has been installed from npm, though.

@nicod_ @Natouille c’est ça les jeunes de nos jours, ils sont en confiance, ils ne prennent pas de précautions…

Y’a quand même une bonne dose de bugs embarrassants sur… 🤔

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