@thomas hello, j'ai l'impression qu'il y a des trucs bizarre sur la version online de ton bouquin Node… 😅

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There's some sound advice from @LauraKalbag@twitter.com here at

👉 Self host where possible
👉 Post to your own site first, then publish to third party apps
👉 Your site will be better than Medium anyway 😅

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Un régal à chaque nouvel épisode des aventures de Léo ! 😍

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Carnet de voyage : sur la route des Ksour, les châteaux perdus d’Algérie, par le photographe Léo Coulongeat

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It's unfair that I can typo 'console' three times in a row, whereas other people:

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@AUTOVISION_FR@twitter.com @Auto_Securite@twitter.com Et de 5 !

C’est du pur délire. Les registres de cartes grises sont en libre accès, c’est ça ?

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bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?i was a small bug, in the grand scheme of things, but one that bit me regularly.

My team @Cloudinary@twitter.com funded the fixing of it; @realnoam@twitter.com did the heavy lifting. First thing to ship (STP 99) in what's been a fun, fruitful collab.

I am over the moon right now.

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"Staying close"

Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya is a rhino sanctuary (black and white). The black rhinoceros population has fallen from 20,000 in 1970 to 511 in 1987, a decline of over 97 %.

These ones are white ones, a lot less shy.

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As I've argued 20 years tinyurl.com/rensgu4, we can either blame or learn. Boeing and the NTSB didn’t like my HF report of an earlier 737 crash. Then sensor failure, hidden systems and automation returned with a vengeance in the 737 MAX crashes. tinyurl.com/quz3axn

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Les équipes de Couleur Citron vous adressent leurs meilleurs voeux ! 🎉

Nous souhaitons vous apporter encore plus de technicité, de stratégie et de créativité en 2020 !

Cliquez et découvrez-en plus sur notre "Ticket Gagnant" pour 2020 : bit.ly/2NK8fQv

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When you get a Boost it will only let you build a model if you've unlocked the previous ones in the order that @LEGO_Group@twitter.com determined as acceptable.

That's great! It's very important to teach children early on that they should have no agency in front of electronic devices.

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Vous pensez que Autosur, @AUTOVISION_FR@twitter.com, Securitest et @Auto_Securite@twitter.com savent que j’ai une voiture qui doit passer le contrôle technique ?

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Am I the only one wishing that the Google Products would use the same color palette so that I could coordinate mail labels with calendar events and Drive folders color?
For instance I have "Conference" as label, calendar and folder, it's 3 different greens

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ICYMI, Chrome has changed course from earlier this week and will not freeze the major version number in the UA, such that detecting Brand and Major Version will still work while still improving security!

Thanks @yoavweiss@twitter.com for taking the feedback and finding a good compromise!

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