@daniels Hello Daniel. Glad you enjoyed the essay. As a potential solution to your previous question about search engines, someone on the Hacker News thread for my essay recommended "Million Short" millionshort.com/ to search by filtering out the top n websites (from a 100 to a million). Seems like a neat way to get to some of the less-known sites that are not as well-ranked. I must really remember to use it more often.

Thank you to everyone who watched and reacted to my talk "Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web" at @ParisWeb
2020. To download the PDF slide: uncompressed (13,6 Mo): neustadt.fr/resc/User-hostile- or compressed (2,9 Mo): neustadt.fr/resc/User-hostile-. Merci à tout le monde !

My talk "Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web" will be starting in about 10 minutes or so. Watch it live here: youtube.com/watch?v=VcWTNi7iow @ParisWeb
(Conférence en anglais, sous-titrée en français ; question/réponses en français)

My talk at will begin at 11h Paris time (so in a little over an hour): paris-web.fr/2020/conferences/

I'll post a link to the YouTube Live video in about an hour.

Next week, I'll be speaking about the web (and how it's increasingly user-hostile) at 2020. The talk will be streamed, subtitled and viewable Thursday, 1 October at 11h (CEST). Do register if you're interested. See you at the Q&A session maybe? paris-web.fr/2020/conferences/

@david Glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for the heads-up; I've fixed it.

Interested in Sweden?
🇸🇪 A fresh new open-source tool by Dataskydd.net allows you to run full-text search on all official Swedish government reports from 1922 to today (!), with highlighted excerpts and an incredibly fast web interface: sou.dataskydd.net

@kensanata @markosaric Thank you. I'll try the "planet"-search thing and see where that takes me.

@kensanata @markosaric

Oh this is very interesting indeed: a curated feed around particular themes and topics. I like it! Do you have a list of other similar Planets, for other topics? Thanks.

Weekend project: self-host my aviation podcast on Neustadt. And respond to people who wrote me about my last essay (thank you and sorry for the delay, I've been rather busy). Bon weekend à tous !

Joined the Hotline webring with my website: hotlinewebring.club/ (You can see the brand-new icon I made for it on my homepage: neustadt.fr)

@daniels @markosaric

For search engines, there's wiby.me for small webpages, and someone posted millionshort.com/ on HN (this one omits the top websites and returns smaller ones).

And there's also curlie.org/, an excellent human-crated directory.

@thilosophus, @yarmo, @orbjet@fosstodon.org : Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks also for the welcome to Mastodon, @markosaric. It's one of many, many cool things I'm only just discovering (and there's a lot more in HN thread).

First toot! Premier toot! Erste toot! (EN/FR/DE are signs of things to come). And perhaps an opportunity to my new essay, "Rediscovering the Small Web", neustadt.fr/essays/the-small-w

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