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's lawyer in 2018 wrote a 166-page report on the "digital exploitation" of authors. Any word on transfers from researchers? He now works on takedowns so I won't hold my breath.

The monitor case study states that @zenodo_org received 1 million visits in its first 3 years.

3 years later, it seems to have almost 50M views + 60M downloads. Go !

Admittedly that's a nice origin myth: «created from his house in Ukraine. It was a house without running water, but Dmitriy felt that not having a great tool was a bigger problem than his daily trip to the communal well».

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That's because GitLab spent in marketing about twice as much as it spent in development, 83 vs. 44 M$ in 6 months. Hard to do that without venture capital.

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Profit accounting math is fun: «revenue of $63.9 million and $108.1 million for the six months ended July 31, 2020 and July 31, 2021… operating cash flow margin… (35.8)% for… the six months ended July 31, 2021… gross profit… 87%».

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How describes its in its IPO filing: «if the feature is something primarily individuals care about it will be . If the features are something primarily managers, directors, or executives care about then it will be source-available».

States focus «on combating the theft of intellectual property and industrial trade secrets. The harassment of students and mothers and ordinary workers goes virtually unchecked».

As if wasn't *designed* to harass ordinary people.

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We've been awarded $10k in services by @OpenTechFund to keep communications infrastructure independent and trustworthy! 🌐 Running your #OpenSource mailstack is about to get easier ✨

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La bozza di D.Lgs. è carta straccia, incostituzionale per eccesso di delega. Perché violare la direttiva e causare decenni di contenzioso? Cui prodest? Piuttosto meglio non fare niente.

Chissà se @dariofrance ricorda com'è andata a finire colla direttiva Barnier.
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BOOOM! Nel parere reso su decreto recepimento direttiva @antitrust_it dice che norma eccede limiti delega e testo della dirett…

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I nostri auguri a @wikilaurentius per l'elezione nel Board of Trustees di #wikimedia foundation: "Una persona che crede nella conoscenza libera, che si impegna per promuovere i progetti collaborativi, le libertà digitali e il software libero" @iopensa

«It's definitely the publisher's prerogative to avoid carrying racist publications («statements about authors from some geographic regions which are unjustified in the generality of the conclusions»), so the rationale for the retraction is sound. It's then a matter of opinion whether it's warranted.»

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Looks like my comment on wasn't published so here it is: «The study by Vít Macháček and Martin Srholec is misleading because it's not a study on , it's a study on 's list. The authors found that most of the journals included in Beall's list are connected to certain geographies or languages. In other words, they showed that Beall's list can appear to be racist.»

In the middle of a , the birdsite decides to sell me... airplanes. It's for nature!

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Posted some reflections on returning to #DebConf21 to watch my advisees @kayleachampion and @salt present their research using data from

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President Biden forcefully defended the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying that "there is nothing low grade or low risk or low cost about any war" and adding “I was not going to extend this forever war, and I was not extending a forever exit.”

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In a speech from the White House, President Joe Biden signaled a fundamental shift in US foreign policy, saying the US is ending "an era of major military operations to remake other countries."

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of cheap books. 🧐

I can't tell whether UK publishers were serious, but the reality of post is duller.

Although Genius lost their lawsuit , I suspect a crackdown on databases is still ongoing.

panels for months had broken links to their source, , which went offline in June 2021; now they only include 3 lines of a song's lyrics and a footer "Source: MetroLyrics".

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