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"New release, ETA late April 2021 / early June 2021". New structure and relationship to , .

With updates on governance, and .

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A decent approach to the role of in and beyond: «To maximize the value of human expertise, retailers need to ensure that their experts' days aren't filled with managing routine exceptions that an intelligent retail planning system could handle».

Last week discovered that monopolies are bad, competition good. It immediately proceeded to suggest that the USA expand monopolies further, "copy" the restrictive -related regimes.

30 minutes since waking up and already I wrote two emails strategising about . Maybe I should stop.

I love how ads are downright trolling the crowd: advice on how to get welfare in , for those who tried to get rich quick on .

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Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

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I just finished my usual membership fees spree of January... hopefully this time I didn't forget any.

With the last USA org finally switched to a SEPA bank transfer, only 3 remain for later: one which uses SDD and a couple associations which prefer a Finnish bank transfer (with a reference code produced at some point during the year).

I had a good year so I added 2 more orgs. This year I might go over 20, depending how you count. O_o

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in 2021

Someone sent me a link from their work email. Ten minutes later, still nothing. When I was already contemplating a catastrophe, the desired 150 B of information incredibly reached me.

It turns out the email spent 9 solid minutes in some server under, waiting for to endow it with the header

X-Spam-Final-Verdict: clean

while also getting 8 KB fatter in the process.

I'm happy enough about the ruling. Owen Jones is right, but I think does not need to be the guinea pig for this legal fight, after all these years. Ultimately, unjust USA laws need to be fixed by legal and democratic means in the USA: we can't do the job across the pond.

I just added some 20k links to (gratis) DOIs on the English .

But damn, is obnoxious.

DOI resolution may randomly fail and require third party . The destination is a tracking fest with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, MoatAds, AddThis.

So, are Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosecco safe from ? No idea.

Compare "Article IP.57: Review in relation to geographical indications" («may jointly use reasonable endeavours to agree rules») vs. treaty with Panama.

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quando leggi le mail di @nemobis e la domenica sera aspetti di scaricare gli ocr di un archivio di un quotidiano anzichè guardare un film.

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Blog: When Google went down this week it caused chaos for mailserver admins. #GoogleDown was a mistake, but #Gmail deliberately breaks email every day

I hate to say it, but is right in this blog post: cookie banners are not needed at all, if you do things right. Applying standards worldwide is the way.

That said, I have no idea whether _gh_sess and _octo are really necessary for logged out users. It would be better to explain what they are for.

Don't blame the cookie law, blame the cookie maker! Viva and .

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Conservancy filed yesterday three Long Form comments for our #DMCA exemption requests: 1st exemption is for license violation investigation. 2nd for installing FOSS firmwares on wireless routers. 3rd for increase circumvention rights for privacy research

On learning from my (numerous) mistakes.

Yesterday my uploads to the were going nicely, so of course I went, "why not double the upload rate?" I had to slap myself: "remember last time? You *promised*!"

I'm happy I relented. We got a traffic jam overnight.

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"Profiling live Wikipedia traffic with near-zero overhead"

> Each day of Wikipedia backend traffic yields about 3 million stack trace samples, as collected by Excimer, a new a low-overhead sampling profiler for PHP.

I wrote all about it in this year's Performance Calendar:


#webperf #perfmatters #php #profiler

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Amazing photoessay about urban explorers that discovered a collection of previously unphotographed Soviet-era mainframes and PCs

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