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Tallinn-Warsaw-Berlin-Brussels would probably be nicer (less gas burnt on ferries) but that's probably not going to happen at least until 2024 if succeeds.

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The next 4 years in internet legislation are going to be a nightmare with and directive aka maximalism by the backdoor.

But at least in 2022 I'll be able to easily go to by train from via and . (Should be feasible in two nights, one for the Turku-Stockholm ferry and one for the final night train.) Thank you, Sweden!

Look, suddenly likes competition.

I can't wait for to play the card, tell "we're actually a very small business, our product is under siege by many ruthless competitors".

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

Trollish official photos from : Special European Council: Backstage (2020-07-19, Bruxelles).

«The Dutch prime minister has just 75 deputies in his country's 150-seat parliament so he'll need opposition support to ratify any deal he strikes with the bloc.»

This makes it sound like is discussing changes to the treaties, while it's "just" the budget. I sure hope the new rebates aren't being written into the treaties...

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Hyvää vuosipäivää (+ nimipäivää) minulle!

Today I celebrate 3 years since I moved to Helsinki.

The feast shall commence with irresponsible acts of consumption of sugar from my favourites, and of some vintage but pristine @carlmalamud I just got in the mail.

Once again, is not the point. French police seized conversations "simply" by taking control of central systems and running their own software on the users' devices.

«Swedish oat-milk maker Oatly AB secured $200 million in new capital from an investment group led by Blackstone and a group of celebrities. plans to use the money to expand in its existing markets, which will entail hiring in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.»

«One middle-school teacher in a rural area told Reuters their school had removed traditional comic-like picture books called lianhuanhua, or "linked images," popular in China until the 1990s; books about Christianity; books about Buddhism; and notably, copies of “Animal Farm” and “1984” – George Orwell’s classic novels about authoritarianism which have been available in China for decades.»

«MLOL è da oggi pronta ad accogliere anche le collezioni digitalizzate della biblioteca e cessa di essere un semplice aggregatore di risorse (commerciali e aperte) acquistate dalle biblioteche o provenienti da altre istituzioni di conservazione.»

Esce uno strumento per la del Parlamento europeo e io accorro. Ma niente, i MEP italiani si attestano su un agevole livello zero di partecipazione. Solo Croazia e Cipro scioperano di piú; immagino che i crumiri (Conte, Zanni, Dreosto, Tinagli e Caroppo) saranno presto puniti.

Per fortuna io voto gli europarlamentari della . Della persona che ho votato posso conoscere ogni mossa.

"The results suggest that limited access to publications may limit some scientific research from achieving its full impact."

«But from the very first days, it was clear that the Nazi plan had failed. The Brest Fortress was protected to the last drop of blood by its defenders of more than 30 ethnicities. Throughout the war, the feat of the Soviet people knew no national boundaries – both in large-scale decisive battles and in the protection of every foothold, every meter of native land.»

Go figure. The last (head of state) defender of non-national states is... the globalist?

«The Council on Friday condemned discriminatory and violent policing after the death of in Minneapolis last month and ordered a report on against people of African descent.»

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In both Bostock v. Clayton ( discrimination) and Georgia v. Public Resource (law and ), Thomas and Alito are incensed that the majority declares the rule always was the same (for the last 50 or 150 years). Something's brewing?

Ok, I admit I watched this just to see and but I enjoyed every second with them. All five of them. (Yes it's but not his best.)

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