@legoktm Well done! I like the photo of you reading on the stairs. :)

@brion Capillary action. If plants hadn't used this trick to defy gravity, I suppose this planet would look very different now.

@volt4ire And if someone uses them, I suppose they'll be sued for trafficking "counterfeit" books.

@volt4ire I initially thought it was a CPU heatsink. Wrong kind of hotness?

Proclamation 4867—National Port Week

Did I miss the outrage for this unconstitutional 1906 "command" that «the people shall meet in their homes» etc.? Was it a tax, was it ?

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@11011110 Ah sorry. They've been doing this for a while. To be fair, I think nowadays all major commercial publishers give similar advice about promoting one's work on "social media", which for too many includes "your" Wikipedia page.

(Although most studies on the impact of such dissemination efforts focus on Twitter, I think.)

Elsevier might have been just more brazen than others in putting that document online for everyone to see.

@11011110 Do we know for sure?

Cf. official advice: «Other easy ways to improve SEO include: [...] Linking to your article from relevant websites e.g. your institute’s
website, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blogs and social media.»

@volt4ire I suggest to wait for the results of the recount in Kronstadt county!

Typo, of course: should be "than he can be wrong".

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«But the belief in the possibility of a rule of law, of justice, and of freedom, can hardly survive the acceptance of an epistemology which teaches that there are no objective facts; not merely in this particular case, but in any other case; and that the judge cannot have made a factual mistake because he can no more be right about the facts than he can be right.»

Karl Popper, "Sources of knowledge and ignorance", 1960-01-20.

Attempt to read a book to distract from : epic fail.

/ $RELX «said on Thursday annual revenue could fall as much as 210 million pounds short of costs in its exhibitions business, as it suffered from coronavirus-driven halts in major events this year.»

Stock price courts the minimum of 6 months.

@tabache Concordo con te! 10 giorni è proprio poco. A Milano c'è un'iniziativa analoga e l'obiettivo dichiarato era di far sí che resti abbastanza spazio nelle rastrelliere pubbliche (per esempio davanti alla stazione centrale c'è davvero poco spazio ed è un dramma se viene preso da biciclette accumulatesi negli anni). Il "decoro" è una giustificazione pessima.

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