@volt4ire Serving their auto empire overlord is tough work!

Where are now all the lawmakers who insisted the directive was for the little guy while I was a useful idiot for the multinationals? Surely a flurry of apologies will start any minute now.

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's lawyer in 2018 wrote a 166-page report on the "digital exploitation" of authors. Any word on transfers from researchers? He now works on takedowns so I won't hold my breath.

@volt4ire Self-satire? I had to check on the website whether it's real. «The problem is that although he belongs to the business-friendly wing of his party, the SPD is stuffed with left-wingers», who knew.

The monitor case study states that @zenodo_org received 1 million visits in its first 3 years. doi.org/10.2777%2F298228

3 years later, it seems to have almost 50M views + 60M downloads. Go !

@quiddity There were some figures about royalty sharing in last year's hearings at the Senate of Italy. Artists are definitely getting less than 5 %.

@quiddity Yes. It's even more complicated than that, because e.g. in Italy there are special rules on how those rights are transferred around, and they're contract law, not copyright law.

Paul Goldstein has the story of how this came to be in USA. It all started in a stormy evening of 1913... archive.org/details/copyrights

That's for the geeks, but Boyle is IMHO the best at showing how this work in practice:

Admittedly that's a nice origin myth: «created from his house in Ukraine. It was a house without running water, but Dmitriy felt that not having a great tool was a bigger problem than his daily trip to the communal well».

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That's because GitLab spent in marketing about twice as much as it spent in development, 83 vs. 44 M$ in 6 months. Hard to do that without venture capital. sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/00

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Profit accounting math is fun: «revenue of $63.9 million and $108.1 million for the six months ended July 31, 2020 and July 31, 2021… operating cash flow margin… (35.8)% for… the six months ended July 31, 2021… gross profit… 87%».

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How describes its in its IPO filing: «if the feature is something primarily individuals care about it will be . If the features are something primarily managers, directors, or executives care about then it will be source-available».

States focus «on combating the theft of intellectual property and industrial trade secrets. The harassment of students and mothers and ordinary workers goes virtually unchecked».

As if wasn't *designed* to harass ordinary people.

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We've been awarded $10k in services by @OpenTechFund to keep communications infrastructure independent and trustworthy! 🌐 Running your #OpenSource mailstack is about to get easier ✨ lightmeter.io/lightmeter-award

@wikimediaitalia Vedo che alcuni interventi alle precedenti edizioni sono registrati negli archivi aperti. Sarebbe bello averne di piú con il testo pieno ad e con ! base-search.net/Search/Results

(Che è successo ai commenti nel blog?)

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