on 307 papers: «peer review process [violated] policy, and may have been deliberately manipulated». doi.org/10.1007/s12517-021-084

Tell me again how much I need to worry about special issues.

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When a legacy publisher attempts to embed 21st century technology in its old ways of doing things (like journals).
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Today I received in the mail a letter from my mom. It was a photocopy of her phone-she wanted to share a picture that is on her phone with me. A picture that is on her phone. She photocopied her phone and mailed this to me.

I just added some 20k links to (gratis) DOIs on the English .

But damn, is obnoxious.

DOI resolution may randomly fail and require third party . The destination is a tracking fest with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, MoatAds, AddThis.

Gotta love (gratis) on . Instead of a link to an actual PDF, we now get an Adobe-encumbered JavaScript mess which also happens to load a full-page .


«The five research hubs are each led by the Energy Department's Argonne, Brookhaven, Fermi, Lawrence Berkeley and Oak Ridge national laboratories»

Sadly only some of the DoE laboratories are "federal enough" to have output as US government works (). How much of these 600 M$ will support works?

"The results suggest that limited access to publications may limit some scientific research from achieving its full impact."

«Romantic notions of "" often used to justify policies are often based on idealistic myths not supported by the history of science. [] many of the greatest scientists in the Western tradition were highly protective and secretive» 🧐

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📢 New position ‘Open Access in Horizon Europe’ published today

➡️ cesaer.org/content/5-operation

We reaffirm our support for and to scientific publications

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Portal for theses/#ETD across repositories: neat ways to make more visible.

I like the multilingual content, the feed which spans multiple domains and the topic-based browsing. A Spanish-language thesis in biology currently stands out!
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@nemobis @researchremix @egonwillighagen @VenkRamaswamy @DoctorZen @MHendr1cks @ZENODO_ORG Inspired by this thread - we …

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Are you (or your friend/colleague) an editor for a subscription journal? If so, @finelib@twitter.com will be hosting an discussion event for editors and editorial board members on November 8th from 8:30-10:00 am! Read more and sign up here:


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One of 103 things publishers do for you: letting domain names bitrot and lapse so that 5000 pages can finally link scammers.

The and repositories will save the day, not alleged corporate .

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Nominate publishing related (very broad) software and ( etc) "from the publishing sector" for the first Open Publishing Awards openpublishingawards.org/

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papers and , this time for 1923: another little dataset thanks to @unpaywall@twitter.com.

Out of 73k works, only 10k are OA. Guess the worst offenders!

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New (?) trend: obscure journals deposit on @ZENODO_ORG@twitter.com to get a free DOI to reference on their website.

Perversion by questionable publisher: only upload the abstract, so that Zenodo and folks get *nothing* in return.

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È ufficiale: l' della California punta tutto sull', cancella gli abbonamenti al principale editore scientifico.

Milioni di dollari saranno disponibili per i ben più economici servizi alla .

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FinELib's negotiations with Taylor & Francis hit a wall. Access to T&F journals will end on 1 February 2019. Contact your library or information service for help! finelib.fi/finelibs-negotiatio

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Editorial board of Journal of resigns at @ElsevierConnect@twitter.com over and start new journal @QSS_ISSI@twitter.com scienceguide.nl/2019/01/editor

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Scanning ALL out-of-copyright Swedish newspapers (1645-1906) at the National Library of Sweden @kungbib@twitter.com @NatLibSwe@twitter.com @ra_arkivgatan9. 🇸🇪 Records will be here: tidningar.kb.se/

Read more about the project: bit.ly/2zW4yjQ

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📣🔓Plan S: from principles to implementation. Guidance on implementation now open for public feedback:


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