Nigerian prince^W millionaire singer asks people to randomly wire him money. Feels more legit than paying rents to his landlord, Sony.

book sponsorship was a nice feature. It vanished a few months into the Hachette lawsuit. Clearly it would be a fatal blow to the billion-dollar publishers if people kept sharing such blockbusters.

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Where are now all the lawmakers who insisted the directive was for the little guy while I was a useful idiot for the multinationals? Surely a flurry of apologies will start any minute now.

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's lawyer in 2018 wrote a 166-page report on the "digital exploitation" of authors. Any word on transfers from researchers? He now works on takedowns so I won't hold my breath.

States focus «on combating the theft of intellectual property and industrial trade secrets. The harassment of students and mothers and ordinary workers goes virtually unchecked».

As if wasn't *designed* to harass ordinary people.

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La bozza di D.Lgs. è carta straccia, incostituzionale per eccesso di delega. Perché violare la direttiva e causare decenni di contenzioso? Cui prodest? Piuttosto meglio non fare niente.

Chissà se @dariofrance ricorda com'è andata a finire colla direttiva Barnier.
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BOOOM! Nel parere reso su decreto recepimento direttiva @antitrust_it dice che norma eccede limiti delega e testo della dirett…

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of cheap books. 🧐

I can't tell whether UK publishers were serious, but the reality of post is duller.

Although Genius lost their lawsuit , I suspect a crackdown on databases is still ongoing.

panels for months had broken links to their source, , which went offline in June 2021; now they only include 3 lines of a song's lyrics and a footer "Source: MetroLyrics".

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I'm curious what will happen with the case tomorrow. (Yet another deadline expires.) I just archived a few motions on RECAP.

Deborah De Angelis and I wrote a short recap of the directive debate in Italy, published by .

14 months wasted by Parliament. All the work is still ahead of us, as shown by art. 14 for the .

Yes, let's consider the «extent to which yet further protection creates unrelated or illegitimate harms [and] keep a monopoly within its lawful bounds».

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Go go!

«In a 6-2 decision, the justices overturned a lower court's ruling that found Google's inclusion of Oracle's software code in Android did not constitute a fair use under U.S. law.»

Last week discovered that monopolies are bad, competition good. It immediately proceeded to suggest that the USA expand monopolies further, "copy" the restrictive -related regimes.

30 minutes since waking up and already I wrote two emails strategising about . Maybe I should stop.

The next 4 years in internet legislation are going to be a nightmare with and directive aka maximalism by the backdoor.

But at least in 2022 I'll be able to easily go to by train from via and . (Should be feasible in two nights, one for the Turku-Stockholm ferry and one for the final night train.) Thank you, Sweden!

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Good news in the imperialism department, for once.
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Majority of Dutch MPs supports resolution that rejects EU-Mercosur trade agreement.

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