/ $RELX «said on Thursday annual revenue could fall as much as 210 million pounds short of costs in its exhibitions business, as it suffered from coronavirus-driven halts in major events this year.»

Stock price courts the minimum of 6 months.

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🌍 🌡 Parliament has voted in favour of the EU climate law and is calling for the 2030 emissions reduction target to be increased to 60% >> eptwitter.eu/quaJ

USA move to adopt China's economic system:

«The deal, which must still gain formal U.S. approval, would create a new U.S.-based company, Global, in which , an American software maker, and would own 20 percent».

A joint vecture with local capital becomes a requirement for doing business in , as in .

Let's see what's next in line for copying. Maybe a nice cultural revolution?


"Il neocapitalismo è stato bravo ma supererà la porta ecologica?"

Giovani per il "rispetto ovunque dei diritti umani e delle sostenibilità ecologiche"

"Onorevole, la smetta di interrompere i colleghi"

Certe cose non cambiano mai... Un paese pietrificato.

Qui a ho appena votato per il . Un pensiero in meno. Grazie all'ambasciata che ha usato buste ecolabel e alle poste finlandesi che mi hanno rintracciato al nuovo indirizzo!

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Flag competition: Porthania 6 – Kansalliskirjasto 0.

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This week we celebrate diversity! 🏳️‍🌈
Promoting equality requires deeds, especially in every-day life. We are dedicated to working toward a university, which is a safe work and study environment for every member of the university community.


Gotta love (gratis) on . Instead of a link to an actual PDF, we now get an Adobe-encumbered JavaScript mess which also happens to load a full-page .


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Hyvää vuosipäivää (+ nimipäivää) minulle!

Today I celebrate 3 years since I moved to Helsinki.

The feast shall commence with irresponsible acts of consumption of sugar from my favourites, and of some vintage but pristine @carlmalamud I just got in the mail.

Esce uno strumento per la del Parlamento europeo e io accorro. Ma niente, i MEP italiani si attestano su un agevole livello zero di partecipazione. Solo Croazia e Cipro scioperano di piú; immagino che i crumiri (Conte, Zanni, Dreosto, Tinagli e Caroppo) saranno presto puniti.

Per fortuna io voto gli europarlamentari della . Della persona che ho votato posso conoscere ogni mossa.

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In both Bostock v. Clayton ( discrimination) and Georgia v. Public Resource (law and ), Thomas and Alito are incensed that the majority declares the rule always was the same (for the last 50 or 150 years). Something's brewing?

Ok, I admit I watched this just to see and but I enjoyed every second with them. All five of them. (Yes it's but not his best.)

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Like people in the United States, we were shocked and appalled by the death of George Floyd.

We condemn violence and racism of any kind and stress the need for de-escalation of tensions.

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Ci mancava solo questa: sovvenzioni della Commissione europea alla Disney. Il prossimo passo che cosa, product placement di bandiere in tutti i blockbuster di Hollywood? Almeno poi ci lasciassero in pace sul fronte copyright...
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NEWS - The European Commission has violated Dutch advertising rules with a sponsored Donald Duck magazine. The Advertising Code Committee ruled that the magazine was a form of advertising…

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Profits* for coal plants in Italy went negative in March, -0.8 €/MWh, as prices tumbled, imports barely grew and excess French nuclear power went to the trashbin.

(*) Actually average price of electricity–cost of coal/emissions.

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Abbonamenti alla musica in streaming: le etichette si pappano almeno dieci volte quanto vada agli artisti. Chiamalo, se vuoi, .

Dai documenti sulla direttiva in Senato: senato.it/3710 (soprassediamo sulle percentuali errate di itsright).

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Che software è questo che usa il Senato per le connessioni audio/video via SIP con webtv e videoconferenze? (Visto nell'audizione .)

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