Fra e contributi parlamentari ha vinto l'inerzia. Per il clima solo parole vuote e obiettivi 8 volte inferiori al bisogno, ben detto Confindustria/Elettricità futura (!).

Speriamo che funzioni altrove.

According to family lore, when I was a small kid (6?) I used to say "when I grow up I'll buy a Peugeot" (actually "una pigiò"). I guess it happened.

Understatement of the year: «We have no reason to believe that the Copyright Act seeks to protect third parties' investment in learning how to operate a created work.»

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«In our view, for the reasons just described, the declaring code is, if copyrightable at all, further than are most computer programs (such as the implementing code) from the core of copyright.»

I stress "If copyrightable at all".

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Yes, let's consider the «extent to which yet further protection creates unrelated or illegitimate harms [and] keep a monopoly within its lawful bounds».

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Last week discovered that monopolies are bad, competition good. It immediately proceeded to suggest that the USA expand monopolies further, "copy" the restrictive -related regimes.

I love how ads are downright trolling the crowd: advice on how to get welfare in , for those who tried to get rich quick on .

I just finished my usual membership fees spree of January... hopefully this time I didn't forget any.

With the last USA org finally switched to a SEPA bank transfer, only 3 remain for later: one which uses SDD and a couple associations which prefer a Finnish bank transfer (with a reference code produced at some point during the year).

I had a good year so I added 2 more orgs. This year I might go over 20, depending how you count. O_o

I just added some 20k links to (gratis) DOIs on the English .

But damn, is obnoxious.

DOI resolution may randomly fail and require third party . The destination is a tracking fest with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, MoatAds, AddThis.

So, are Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosecco safe from ? No idea.

Compare "Article IP.57: Review in relation to geographical indications" («may jointly use reasonable endeavours to agree rules») vs. treaty with Panama.

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quando leggi le mail di @nemobis e la domenica sera aspetti di scaricare gli ocr di un archivio di un quotidiano anzichè guardare un film.

I hate to say it, but is right in this blog post: cookie banners are not needed at all, if you do things right. Applying standards worldwide is the way.

That said, I have no idea whether _gh_sess and _octo are really necessary for logged out users. It would be better to explain what they are for.

Don't blame the cookie law, blame the cookie maker! Viva and .

On learning from my (numerous) mistakes.

Yesterday my uploads to the were going nicely, so of course I went, "why not double the upload rate?" I had to slap myself: "remember last time? You *promised*!"

I'm happy I relented. We got a traffic jam overnight.

weaponized as in choices: "Let's write accept/reject in white font over a white background, so that the buttons are indistinguishable!".

/ $RELX «said on Thursday annual revenue could fall as much as 210 million pounds short of costs in its exhibitions business, as it suffered from coronavirus-driven halts in major events this year.»

Stock price courts the minimum of 6 months.

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🌍 🌡 Parliament has voted in favour of the EU climate law and is calling for the 2030 emissions reduction target to be increased to 60% >>

USA move to adopt China's economic system:

«The deal, which must still gain formal U.S. approval, would create a new U.S.-based company, Global, in which , an American software maker, and would own 20 percent».

A joint vecture with local capital becomes a requirement for doing business in , as in .

Let's see what's next in line for copying. Maybe a nice cultural revolution?


"Il neocapitalismo è stato bravo ma supererà la porta ecologica?"

Giovani per il "rispetto ovunque dei diritti umani e delle sostenibilità ecologiche"

"Onorevole, la smetta di interrompere i colleghi"

Certe cose non cambiano mai... Un paese pietrificato.

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