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So @RightToKnowIE and @carlmalamud /Public Resource are going to the CJEU. It's an appeal from an earlier General Court ruling.

Ho chiesto a Wikidata chi più risponde ai recenti criteri per l'elezione al .

A destra c'è un chiaro (?) vincitore: Carlo Vizzini.

Someone is testing buffer overflows in Hauptbanhof lockers. ;-)

As a temporary boost for our ride, let's use more of a fuel which will get very expensive about mid way and may pull us back towards the end (if we don't use it less).

was savage in her speech: «Fully paid for unlike the Republican tax scam [...] 83 % to the top 1 %, the dark of night, speed of light. Don't make me laugh about criticising this bill».

What's up with and today? I now get a no-JS version instead of the usual consent wall aka gaslighting.

If you enable cookies, you still get the consent wall, but if you accept everything you get the no-JS version (but can click to see the JS version). If you don't accept, though, you're forced to also enable DoubleClick before you get anywhere.

Anti- remain strong but it's nice to see some nsa lightweight web pages of old.

After and the new VAT rules, Finnish customs () have some harsh words for my books coming from across the channels.

EU VAT was paid and the seller is in IOSS. But Royal Mail put the envelope inside a 11 kg m-bag and hid all customs declarations. Masochism?

Non tutto il male vien per nuocere: grazie a , Tesco non esporta più in Finlandia e arriverà Carrefour.

Spero arriveranno fagioli italiani invece dei cinesi di prima, ma per ora c'è solo il tè (palese provocazione).

Il mio viale alberato preferito a è Pohjolankatu, qui visto dall'incrocio con via Kullervo (altro nome mitologico). Oso dire che i suoi tigli in autunno fanno competizione agli olmi di via Mac Mahon a Milano.

The EU-USA Pittsburgh Statement is a bag of contradictory slogans. Declares a , supports business as usual. Blames "non-market-based" economies and "state-owned enterprises" aka China, forgets fossil subsidies and corporate welfare.

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When a legacy publisher attempts to embed 21st century technology in its old ways of doing things (like journals).
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Today I received in the mail a letter from my mom. It was a photocopy of her phone-she wanted to share a picture that is on her phone with me. A picture that is on her phone. She photocopied her phone and mailed this to me.

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La bozza di D.Lgs. è carta straccia, incostituzionale per eccesso di delega. Perché violare la direttiva e causare decenni di contenzioso? Cui prodest? Piuttosto meglio non fare niente.

Chissà se @dariofrance ricorda com'è andata a finire colla direttiva Barnier.
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BOOOM! Nel parere reso su decreto recepimento direttiva @antitrust_it dice che norma eccede limiti delega e testo della dirett…

In the middle of a , the birdsite decides to sell me... airplanes. It's for nature!

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In a speech from the White House, President Joe Biden signaled a fundamental shift in US foreign policy, saying the US is ending "an era of major military operations to remake other countries."

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of cheap books. 🧐

I can't tell whether UK publishers were serious, but the reality of post is duller.

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