The official Mastodon app really needs to add support for the "Local" timeline.

It was (presumably) left out because on larger servers it's an overwhelming firehose and seems useless.

However, on smaller servers it's a really important way to build a sense of community.

Instances like put a lot of work into making their local timeline pleasant for their members, and they have withdrawn from the directory in protest at the lack of Local support in the official app. This is a bad sign, it shows something has gone wrong in relations with smaller instances.

Small servers are really good for Masto, because the more small servers there are, the harder it will be for any amoral billionaires to try to buy up the network.

If you agree that the Local timeline should be added to the official app, please add thumbs up to the relevant issues on GitHub:

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@feditips I agree in principle but this is a reasonable argument for starting with a limited set of features: «With and historically holding apps accountable for content users can access through the app, even when the app could be reasonably classified as a browser, showing unfiltered content is a ticking time bomb for the app’s presence on the major app stores.»

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These are interesting arguments, it would be good if they were discussed in the issues raised in the githubs.

The problem seems to be that on smaller instances the risks from the Local timeline are small while the benefits are high. On larger instances, it's exactly the other way around.

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