What the learnt from 40+ years of in : let's replicate the experiment on the eastern border of the EU.

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Imagine if France planned to support an armed insurgency in Canada, or China in Mexico. What would the NYT write?

First step: prepare the ground to brand as illegitimate any government opposing USA involvement. Where have I heard this before?

«Mi-17 transport helicopters originally meant for use in [are going] to instead.»

How convenient that surplus weapons find another destination so quickly after one war (ostensibly) ends.

@nemobis I'm not a fan of empires like the USA, China or Russia; as a Ukrainian citizen though, I'd prefer to have Russian troops stay in Russia over having them cross the border. USA, NATO and EU support is needed to stop Russia now.

@nemobis The fact that a real war with real weapons is very likely sucks. I'm curious though - if you do not support the US or the EU to give military support to Ukraine, what kind of support do you think is okay, if any?

@setthemfree The most obvious kind of support is a non-proliferation treaty so that isn't caught between heavily armed neighbours.

@nemobis Sounds great if there was way to have such threaty somehow magically solve the constant bullying and military threatening of Ukraine by Russia.

Currently they want "NATO out, period". I doubt Russia will ever promice to stay away, especially in the situation where they have already occupied parts of Ukraine.

@nemobis So if I understand correctly, you would support NATO accepting Russian demands.

With no reciprocal and accountable guarrantees from Russia.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing the written response to Russia.

I find it weird that even our discussion seems to happen on the assumption that Ukraine should be asking Russia's permission about its geopolitical decisions.

@setthemfree No. Unilateral disarmament is wise but unlikely. It's easier to start from implementing the already agreed bilateral disarmaments and proceed from there.

And geopolitics is pretty much by definition the reaction of others to what you do. Ukraine can make its decisions, so can the others.

Yeah, right
Like half of Ukraine wouldn't really mind becoming a puppet state of Russia, as they are primarily Russian-speaking
And the rest of aggressively anti-Russian territories can be given for EU's pillaging

I would also imagine that guerilla movement based on politics( which can be squashed without any remorse) is different from a guerilla movement based on religion (which is kind of morally questionable and plain difficult to do)

@CodenameChen Yes, sky is the limit if you just apply some imagination to expand the market for weapons.

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