As a temporary boost for our ride, let's use more of a fuel which will get very expensive about mid way and may pull us back towards the end (if we don't use it less).

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To avoid a traffic jam, I've crossed the river by bike on a floating bridge with a goat on my shoulders and a cabbage in my hand. Will repeat with 2 goats and 2 cabbages. No need to check how many hands I have or the capacity of the bridge.

Hospitals, if they were managed like the .

"The patient needs to transition upstairs within a hour for an urgent procedure and the elevators are broken, can you send extra hands to carry them?"

"I could but it sounds like work and you might get tired mid way on the stairs. Why not bring the patient outdoors, wait until it gets worse, call a helicopter, and go down the stairs from the roof? Someone else pays for kerosene and lawsuits for elevator faillures."

Susan Bauer, "Seawater yields first grams of yellowcake"

« It's estimated that there is at least four billion tons of uranium in seawater, which is about 500 times the amount of uranium known to exist in land-based ores [...] »
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