Looks like my comment on retractionwatch.com/2021/09/07 wasn't published so here it is: «The study by Vít Macháček and Martin Srholec is misleading because it's not a study on , it's a study on 's list. The authors found that most of the journals included in Beall's list are connected to certain geographies or languages. In other words, they showed that Beall's list can appear to be racist.»

«It's definitely the publisher's prerogative to avoid carrying racist publications («statements about authors from some geographic regions which are unjustified in the generality of the conclusions»), so the rationale for the retraction is sound. It's then a matter of opinion whether it's warranted.»


Correction: the comment was now published. It could also have been incorrectly flagged by Akismet, I'm not assuming malice. :) retractionwatch.com/2021/09/07

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