The Highwayman is 85% funded!

With less than 55h left, the window to help it become funded is getting smaller by the minute.

The Highwayman is a 100-page adaptation of Alfred Noyes' poem drawn in shades of charcoal and red which presents a visual exploration of literary devices and figures of speech.
If you know someone who could be interested in a project like this, don't lose time to share it with them:


m i n i m a l i s m

(but the website is 5 megabytes)

Working on a drawing for a metal band again, this one with heavy Bloodborne and lovecraftian inspiration :3

La grippe aviaire provoque une hécatombe parmi les oiseaux sauvages
Cette année en France, la grippe aviaire c'est d’une part 20 millions d’animaux tués, une hécatombe sans précédent due à l’élevage intensif mais aussi des espèces marines protégées. Les scientifiques s’interrogent sur les conséquences dévastatrices sur la biodiversité.

Fous de bassan : 718 -> 49 (en 30j)

Got this done on my stream today. It'll be the third image of six in a Waterfall-themed greeting card set.

#fediart #digitalart #greetingcard #waterfall

leyendecker study! not too fond of it when I compare it to the source material, but it looks nice on its own :)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Aujourd'hui c'est le #StanislavPetrovDay !
Il y a 39 ans un homme a déterminé que l'alerte de lancement de missiles américains était une fausse alerte
Sans lui nous serions en l'an 39 après l'apocalypse nucléaire et vous n'auriez sans doute pas le plaisir de me lire

Bonne Journéé !

5 More days to support "The Highwayman" Kickstarter!

As the weather turns cooler and spooky season begins, wouldn't you like to read a romantic, gothic poem from 1904, illustrated with beautiful drawings by @adalheidis ?

There are digital copies for about $10, as well as books, and signed copies -- but only if the project is funded soon.

Please boost for reach! :boost_requested:

The Highwayman is a 100-page illustrated book based on Alfred Noyes’ poem “The Highwayman” and is currently available on Kickstarter!

Originally drawn in 2020 for my end-year assignment for my Graphic Design Master degree, this new edition has gotten extensive revisions to offer a modern revisit of this poem.

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Classic Oregon Coast atmospheric photos 

Took doggo to the coast for a sweet little hike. Started in the sun on one side of a hill, then the fog rolled in and changed the view by the time we'd turned around to hike back.

We may soon start seeing conspiracy theories about a secret door to a Martian pyramid, discovered by Curiosity Rover, which (of course 😆) #NASA tried to hide. But it would be a much better use of one's imagination to write a short SciFi story about it. Here is a cartoonish version of a real image, to start it. The original by Thomas Appéré can be found here:

Processed left Mastcam-Z panorama
Curiosity, sol 3563
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Thomas Appéré

#MSL #Space

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