I took the opportunity of the latest theme of the Artists Comic Facebook group, asking to the contestants to draw LGBT characters to celebrate the pride month.
Also note that Catwoman is listed both in LGBT superheroes and super villains on Wikipedia, making her non binary in every aspect :) I guess her incapacity to choose a side makes her really a cat!
I also add the previous attempts and the original illustration that inspires me by Garry Gastonny :)

Here’s the page I did the Sequential Summer Slam. The theme was Miles Morales and SpiderGwen vs the Rhino.
Happy to have finished even if I can’t manage to do the colouring. I spend nearly 40 hours on it, spending lots of time experimenting with halftones to try to recreate textures as in the movie.

Wip of Sequential Summerslam (or sort of, at least!)
Procreate gives interesting insights about your work. So far I have work 35hours on the page and still counting! Also 61k lines, I wouldn’t have think I’ve done so many!

Gwen’s studies for the HDTC Sequencial Summer Slam. It’s a sequencial challenge not a character design one, so my first idea was to reuse characters from the movie. But I wondered if I can make Gwen looks like Emma Stone.
Not sure to keep this idea but I like the skins tones on the 1st picture!

Mera vs Black Ma ... mba! A little crossover DC vs. Marvel for the latest theme of the Facebook group Artists comics: under the sea! Not much to say about the drawing but I tried to reproduce the aquatic atmosphere and Mera.s outfit to give it the shiny appearance like fish scales!

Just discover that Procreate gives some interesting informations about files, especially the total time I have worked on, nearly 20hours in this case !

„There’s a porg in my boot!“ Sheriff Wookie
For the Star Wars day I’ve planned to redo the illustration from last year in colour with Procreate but it also sticks with the news of Peter Mayhew's death. :’( May the Force be with you!

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