Boite spécialisée dans la chirurgie du rachis (orthopédie et neurologie). Nous avons commercialisé (1000 chirurgies) un appareil d'imagerie intra opératoire (X-Rays et tomographie) et de navigation.

Job : Tous ^^ On doit avoir 50 postes ouverts. Mais on cherche surtout des ingés et en particulier dev C++. Tout niveau, de l'architecte expérimenté à la personne cherchant un stage de fin d'étude. Du développement applicatif au développement bas niveau de driver.

Me contacter en MP

For the most adventurous, the Hellfire club Gala will have an after in the Goblin Queen dungeon
When Marvel announced the event with some arts by Russel Dauterman, we were many to notice Rachel’s outfit: it seems to be a regression to her past as mutants hunter.

another sketch of Elle and Emilia 🖤

they are just too relaxing to draw 🖤

#art #mastoart #oc #ink #sketch #comic

This is probably one of my most delayed art, since I promised it to Lady of Comics (on Twitter) for 2 years or so ! So here’s my fanart of Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew) in her Marvel Now outfit
Swipe for closeups

New photo study (2h20): the previous model was joyful, this one conveys a melancholic mood, despite the perfect makeup and the jewellery, so she is a perfect incarnation for Esther

I don’t know who is the model, if tell me if you know her, I will tag her

it used to be that every program would be bundled with Bonzi Buddy, but now it is Google Chrome

Introducing El Toadescador, a deadly as a fly agaric 🍄 swashbuckler 🗡, swift as a dancer! 💃🏻

This month theme for the CDC is mushroom warrior. I didn’t think to participate but finally yesterday I had this idea and it came easily !

I jump on the bandwagon and decide to do an art of the Scarlet Witch, but I didn’t do the Wandavision version, since I find her not enough scarlet. I am not a fan of the original outfit so I did a more recent version.

Swipe for some closeups and an old version

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