Joachim did a conf at PyCon Au with some art by me 😇thanks to Joachim for trusting me !

Non, mais je rêve. La faille de sécurité Windows CVE-2021-40444 ne touche que le moteur de rendu d'Internet Explorer, pas celui de Edge. Donc, ça semblait cool sauf pour les très vieux Windows ? Sauf que Office utilise toujours le moteur de rendu d'Internet Explorer (oui, il y a un navigateur Web dans le tableur et dans le traitement de texte) et est donc vulnérable, et cette faille est exploitée (on ouvre le document vérolé et paf).


“Poison Ivy confidently strolls into a laboratory to steal a secret chemical or device. Her vines and flora restrain scientists and guards. Unbeknownst to her, a character (ANY character at all, your choice, BE CREATIVE!) lurks in the shadows preparing to confront and stop her."

Rereading the instructions, I am not so sure too have perfectly follow them, because Cassandra Cain is not really in the shadows 🥸

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Coyote Goddess
Took this one back from the shelves for Stay Gallery's The Local Group Show, an art show with many LA based artist. If you are in the area check it out!

#mastoart #art #illustration

A commission I did this summer: a sexy Poison Ivy. I immediately saw her in a vintage bombshell style.
I am particularly glad of the leaf colour scheme and the carnivorous flowers, even if it’s mostly random tests that leads me to this result.

A new fanart, this time from the original characters by Gregory Bui, les Protecteurs !

Let me introduce to you Comète, Naturella, Stromwave, Dragon, Warrior Girl, Psyché and Lady Cat !

Something different this time with an art by my second son! A mashup of Ladybug and Queen Bee from the Miraculous universe, created for the season 4 of the show. This is his first try with Procreate 👌

He called her Abeillonette !

Captain Carter!

It seems that women punching Hydra guys is my thing currently !

As a huge fan of mashup and alternate history, I really enjoyed the show

Swipe for the whole art

Still working on my entry for the Sequencial Summer Slam from How to Draw comics, dedicated to Black Widow.

I’m nearly done with the first page and here’s a preview of my preferred panel so far.

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