@Leadegroot @n1k0 I'm hopeful extroverts are learning that introverts aren't broken extroverts that need to be fixed, and maybe we'll stop seeing so much nonsense around it in the next 10 years.

@n1k0 Isn’t that every article on mindfulness? Just without the "extrovert" label.

@n1k0 oh just use the Rejuveniqué face mask!

it DEFINITELY won't suck the youth out of you and transfer it to me! i do NOT have an implant in my brain!!!!

it also comes with some Enriched Toning Gel™®©!! how fun!! it's not uranium!!!

@n1k0 "extroverted? 10 tips on how to shut the fuck up and give others a fighting chance."

@orange_orangutan me reading you calling me names while linking to wikihow

@n1k0 we write those articles but never quite summon the will to publish them where other people can read them

"You may also like:
- How to pipe down for noobs

@n1k0 they simply can't. Introverts as well as extroverts have to deal with the way there brain is working. Making one louder will slow the introvert down as well als quitening extroverts will reduce their capabilities.

@n1k0 Exactly, how about shut up extroverts! It's not always about you! 😂

@n1k0 O, how I would wish for all white (men) to read this!

Someone in a group of people sitting around a table:
Hey why are you so quiet today?
Quiet person:
Maybe you should try it sometimes.

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