I manage the media player (TV) for Kiddo, and I use Kodi to do it. I downloaded some songs about the alphabet for her, one song ("music video" in Kodi's parlance) per letter. The songs for E through Z worked fine, but A through D were not displaying properly. Bad download?

No, that wasn't it. I moved the files, cleaned the database, moved them back, rescanned the folder, and the same thing. They wouldn't display properly.

After going manually through the sqlite database, I discovered Kodi was scanning letters A through D as a "file stack", meant to be used for multi-part movies. Any filenames that ended with the letters A, B, C, or D were automatically determined to be part of a multi-part video file rather than distinct videos.

Couldn't figure out how to turn this "feature" off so I have resorted to giving A through D nonsensical filenames. It works. I guess?


@ethicsperoxide Seems like a simple thing to do would be to rename to "Letter A Song.mp3", no?

(I use Plex to host media for my children.)

@mpjgregoire More or less what I did (I just called them Ax, Bx, Cx, Dx). Finding the problem was much worse than fixing it (and I wish kodi had a way to debug things not scanning properly). Still feels a bit ugly

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