What's some technical book you'd recommend having at home?

I have a budget for books at job that I'm kind of wasting, because I don't usually buy technical books.

Boosts ok!


@xiroux *Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain*

@mpjgregoire I googled that expecting to see a self-help book about how to fight work-related stress xD

@xiroux Oh, it's much less stressful when you can apply a formula from a table in a book, rather than derive it from first principles and differential equations.

@xiroux Then you'll want some references from :

*Strength of Materials* by and Gere

*Theory of Plates and Shells* by Timoshenko and Woinowsky-Krieger

*Theory of Elastic Stability* by Timoshenko and Gere

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