Do you...

- love your politics and wish to change the Church

* OR *

- love the Church and want to change yourself?

In the news, we frequently hear of Catholic politicians (directly or via surrogates) who proudly and loudly call themselves "devout". Several things jump out:

1. Actual, faithful Catholics do not promote themselves as "devout".

2. These same politicians are 100% committed to opposing the true, moral teaching of the Church in many areas (abortion, euthanasia, marriage, gender, trans, worthy reception of sacraments, etc.).

3. They either (a) subordinate Christ and His Church to the idol of politics or (b) believe in an alternate and opposite reality where they can somehow remain in a state of grace despite their enthusiastic immorality.

This is bad because:

1. They are causing great harm to society.

2. They are causing scandal in the Church.

3. They are ransoming their own soul.


@George I think someone who is truly trying to live up to Catholic teachings would mostly likely describe herself as "practising", possibly "faithful". Maybe it's the same for other Christians.

I know how deep my sins are, how could I describe myself as devout?

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